Why Many Smartphone Manufacturers Don’t Use the Factory Version of Android

Why Many Smartphone Manufacturers Don’t Use the Factory Version of Android

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The factory version of Android should be a lighter and faster, “untouchable” iteration of the operating system. The factory version of Android is one of the reasons users are so attracted to Google Pixel phones.

So why are so few Android smartphones available with the purest kind of operating system? Manufacturers like Samsung, LG and Huawei are offering their Android phones with modified versions of the platform, revealing their vision of how the mobile platform should work.

According to Slash Gear, there is a big incentive for businesses to offer modified versions of Android, as this diversity is good for the Android phone market.

What are the benefits of the factory version of Android?

The factory version of Android is the most basic and cleanest version of the operating system released by Google. It does not provide you with additional features introduced by manufacturers or so on. “bloatware” – these are just applications and other features developed by Google.

In addition, the devices running the factory version of Android get faster updates. Android device makers like Samsung are known for their delays when they take the time to make their mark on the software.

Why do manufacturers still prefer modified versions of Android?

Undoubtedly, “pure” Android has many advantages that no one would argue with, but most manufacturers want to be different from their competitors. From a business perspective, creating unique features enhances engagement and customer engagement.

Take the example of OnePlus running OxygenOS. OxygenOS is close to the factory version of Android, with very few additional OnePlus apps. What impresses people and keeps them back is the ability to drag on the lock screen to open applications. Such innovations create a cult and empower customers.

Developers also benefit, they take advantage of data gathering through applications that are installed on these devices. Instead of paying Google for all this information, they create their own application ecosystem from which to capture data.

These additional applications provide access to important data on consumer habits that can be analyzed and thus contribute to innovation and improvement.

Why do manufacturers still prefer modified versions of Android? Since most users don’t know the difference between factory and custom versions of Android, there is a lack of demand and developers have no incentive to stop pursuing their interests.

The whole idea of ​​”pure Android” can be considered as a marketing tool to promote the mobile platform. Without denying Google the right to be the creator of Android, we must admit that creators do not always know what is best for users. Different versions of Android have shown their creators missing from the platform.

Samsung’s struggle to realize its vision of the operating system has finally come to light with One UI. It has filled the gap in Android availability, offering true one-handed usability by removing the software buttons below, while looking aesthetically pleasing and minimalist.

Other personalized scales with Android have also introduced new features, such as Dark Mode, which were later selected by Google and are available in their OS versions. Perhaps not all phones that meet the standards of “pure” Android are ultimately the ones killing the competition.

Today’s users are happy because the Android market offers true diversity. No brand looks exactly alike. You can always find a phone with other features that you might like and miss in Apple. The factory version of Android doesn’t have to be an obsession standard. It is better to have diversity and choice.

Why Many Smartphone Manufacturers Don’t Use the Factory Version of Android

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