An Indian company launches Nokia smart TVs

An Indian company launches Nokia smart TVs

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Flipkart e-retailer has already done the same with Motorola-branded Nokia brands will hit the smartphone market

India’s Flipkart online platform is preparing to launch the world’s first Nokia-branded smart TVs, according to various sources on the internet, citing official statements from the two companies.

Flipkart has licensed the Nokia brand for use in the television market. The company will manage the production, distribution and marketing of the new product in the Indian market.

It is now known that Nokia TVs will come with JBL speakers with excellent sound. No exact release date for the TVs has been announced yet, more details on their specifications and pricing.

Recently, Flipkart launched Motorola-branded smart TVs. The country’s largest online store is actively involved in the government’s Make in India initiative, which promotes local manufacturing and job creation.

An Indian company launches Nokia smart TVs

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