HP has confirmed it is negotiating a merger with Xerox

HP has confirmed it is negotiating a merger with Xerox

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The value of the eventual deal is about $ 33 billion, confirming rumors that he has received an offer to buy Xerox.

News that Xerox is interested in buying US computer and printer maker HP Inc. it was confirmed, while details of a potential deal emerged.

A statement from HP, released by CRN, says the company has negotiated with Xerox “a possible business merger.” “Among other things, we have considered what is needed to reach an agreement. We received our last offer yesterday (November 5, 2019),” HP said, noting that a final decision had not yet been made.

Xerox, for its part, refrained from making detailed comments, noting that the company would “act in the interest of its shareholders.” “We have experience in acting when we see a better path to the future.

We will continue to act judiciously, disciplined and attentive to what is in the interest of all our shareholders, “the Xerox statement said.

Earlier this week, the Wall Street Journal reported that Xerox was considering acquiring HP Inc. According to the publication, the board of Xerox discussed a similar plan on Tuesday, November 5th.

Meanwhile, the Financial Times has revealed that Xerox is ready to pay about $ 22 for each HP Inc. stock. – in cash and in shares of the company itself. According to Reuters, Xerox is poised to pay about $ 33 billion to buy HP Inc.

It is also alleged that Xerox has agreed with Citigroup to fund the agreement. In addition, the company will receive $ 2.3 billion from Fujifilm Holdings for its share of the joint venture.

HP has confirmed it is negotiating a merger with Xerox

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