Yamaha develops an electric motor

Yamaha develops an electric motor

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Electric cars are gaining popularity, and almost every leading manufacturer offers a similar model on the market. Competition among them will simultaneously contribute to reducing the prices of the EW models, but also to introducing new technologies that will increase their mileage.

It is quite normal that this idea began to attract the attention of big names in the motorcycle segment, CNet reported.

Yamaha designers already test different prototypes on a similar machine and already have a patented similar concept in their own name.

In fact, the company intends to present two electric motors with a similar design, with one of them charging port itself located at the site of the traditional fuel tank cap. Yamaha’s second prototype moves this component to the front part near the main beacon.

However, we must note that these are prototypes so far and it probably takes time before we see electric motors on the market. Yamaha’s interest in such machines is not accidental, as it can give them a big edge over other leading manufacturers in the country, including Kawasaki, Honda and Suzuki.

It’s obvious that electric motorcycles have yet to become more popular with consumers.

Yamaha develops an electric motor

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