XPG memory indicates overclocking

XPG memory indicates overclocking

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Spectrix D60G reaches 5634MT / s on motherboard MSI XPG The Spectrix D60G offers a unique dual RGB design of light. The new 5640MT / s overclock test has achieved the Adata Technology Spectrix D60G RGB DDR4 memory module, the XPG Lab OverClock (XOCL).

The Intel Core i9 chipset configuration on the MSI MPG Z390I Gaming Edge AC and LN2 chipset was used, and the result was saved and released in HWBOT. The XPG Spectrix D60G for the first time offers a unique dual RGB light design that provides the largest RGB surface.

Designed specifically for the best players, the model has more RGB illumination per square meter compared to any other memory module on the market, which corresponds to more than 60% of the module surface. Light diffusers are extremely wide in combination with a multi-jet jet to achieve maximum visual impact.

The unique avant-garde style of the D60G also includes the design of the X-light logo and diamond surface. Programmable RGB illumination allows you to adjust the light effects and setting of the mode, pulsation, and light intensity using the already available software or the XPG RGB Sync application.

XPG memory indicates overclocking

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