Xiaomi will radically work in the 5G market

Xiaomi will radically work in the 5G market

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The company will launch 10 5G-enabled smartphones next year. Lei Jun promises to launch 10 full 5G-enabled smartphones next year. Xiaomi already has two fifth-generation smartphones – the Mi Mix 3 5G and the Mi 9 Pro 5G.

But these are expensive top models. The Redmi K30 is expected to be available soon.

Obviously, this year three devices will make up the range of Xiaomi smartphones that support 5G. But next year, the Chinese manufacturer will triple the number of 5G models, IT Home reports.

At a worldwide internet conference, company manager Lei Jun revealed the company’s ambitious plans for fifth-generation smartphones. And whatever he says, it usually comes to fruition.

According to Lei Jun, 5G technology has great capabilities, but at the same time it has huge problems and risks. Still, Xiaomi is optimistic and radical about 5G.
The Mi Mix 3 5G is one of two commercially available 5G smartphones on Xiaomi.

Radicalism seems to be a ubiquitous incorporation of 5G modems into company devices – Lei June promises 10 such smartphones next year.

Considering the current three (we are expecting the release of the Redmi K30 soon), the number of Xiaomi and Redmi smartphones with 5G support will increase to 13. Hardly any other company will be able to offer the same variety of 5G devices.

Xiaomi will radically work in the 5G market

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