Xiaomi M365 – electric scooter without compromise

Xiaomi M365 – electric scooter without compromise

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Convenient, sturdy and reliable, foldable for easy portability The Xiaomi M365 makes city walking with pleasant activity. And when the scooter is Xiaomi, the experience is at max.

The Xiaomi M365 is easy to use, robust and reliable, and especially important – with foldable design for convenient portability and storage. This top-rated electric scooter is currently available at a cost of $ 425.99 for limited items in the Tomtop online store with a Bulgarian customs tax (from the German warehouse), says the supplier.

The Xiaomi M365 is a reliable device made of robust aluminum alloy. Made of quality aluminum alloy for aircraft, the e-scooter stands out with strength and reliability. It can handle a person weighing up to 100kg and pass 30km with one lithium battery charging up to a full capacity of 18650 mAh.

A 250-wagering engine, the scooter develops 25 km / h. The advanced E-ABS dual braking system, complemented by the rear and front lights, ensures the safety of the Xiaomi M365. With the kinetic energy recovery system, Travel Control and Smart Battery Management Technology (BMS), the Xiaomi M365 is an intelligent, robust, easy-to-use and reliable device.

The Xiaomi M365 relies on durable 8.5-inch tires and double brake systems. The double brake system includes an anti-lock E-ABS on the front wheel and the mechanical disc brake on the rear. Such a solution improves braking efficiency and shortens the braking distance to 4 meters, making driving safer. The tires themselves are 8.5 inches, inflatable, impact resistant and skid resistant and suitable for most road conditions.

The Xiaomi M365 is equipped with a kinetic energy recovery system that saves battery power by converting electricity from electricity to electricity – contributing to the battery life of 30 km with one charging. Intelligent BMS system and four LEDs show battery status at all times.

The Xiaomi M365 is portable in just 3 seconds. Security and safety were undoubtedly the leading concern of the Xiaomi M365 designer. The scooter has protective functions: short circuit, overcurrent, overload, overload, low voltages and temperature anomalies. These built-in features increase the safety and reliability of the scooter.

The Xiaomi M365 has a unique folding structure. For a few seconds you can put it in a compact, portable design to easily carry and store it in small spaces. The weight is 12.5 kg and has a frame of 108 x 43 x 49 cm.

The Xiaomi M365 is designed for convenience, reliability and security, and the accompanying mobile app lets you track your driving behavior on the smartphone screen. distance, speed and battery status, thanks to a Bluetooth wireless connection between a scooter and a smartphone. You can buy a wonderful scooter here:

The Xiaomi M365 – at a price of $ 425.99 at this time, with delivery from a warehouse in Germany, with paid customs duties, the supplier states. More scooters and wheels at attractive prices can be found here: Scooters and wheels

Xiaomi M365 – electric scooter without compromise

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