Xerox should offer a better deal to buy HP

Xerox should offer a better deal to buy HP

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Xerox continues to actively seek ways to persuade HP to accept the company’s business acquisition offer. More than a month has passed since the first offer Xerox made to buy its competitor.

Just a few days ago, we informed you that HP had rejected the third offer to acquire Xerox. Attempts to draw the attention of HP shareholders have not yet yielded the expected positive results, despite the actions of Carl Icahn, a supporter of the deal.

In fact, the Xerox proposals so far are not very different and share the same basic fundamentals. For example, the company offers a price of $ 22 for each individual share of HP, $ 17 in cash payment, and the remaining 0.137 shares of Xerox.

The big issue with these financial parameters is related to the new restructuring plan that HP unveiled in October. Its goal is to cut staff by 16%, Bloomberg reports.

Of course, these measures will also help reduce the company’s costs in the long run. This is precisely the driving motive that Xerox points out in the acquisition. One possible solution is to start direct negotiations with HP and offer them better financial terms.

It is no coincidence that Xerox’s latest offering was rejected outright for financial reasons. Also of note is that HP Inc. shares have risen 10% since November, and those of Xerox have declined 5%.

Xerox should offer a better deal to buy HP

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