Windows 10 is now used by 825 million devices

Windows 10 is now used by 825 million devices

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Microsoft’s main goal is to use their new operating system from a maximum number of devices around the world. That’s why the company has already negatively criticized the way it aggressively provides upgrades.

The latest data reveals that Windows 10 is currently actively using over 825 million devices. Specific numbers are generated from an internal Microsoft document displayed during the Build 2019 conference.

This means that the company is gradually approaching the psychological limit of 1 billion computers that are being updated on the operating system. It seems only a matter of time for the company to achieve this ambitious goal.

Just a few days is expected to start and update the upgrade to Windows on May 10, 2019. Microsoft confirmed that the update will be available for computers that are compatible before the end of this month.

The unusual fact is that the company has stopped publishing official details of the number of Windows 10 devices a few months ago. For the last time, we realized that the platform was used by 700 million users in September 2018.

However, Microsoft is likely to break the silence when it reaches the desired goal of 1,000,000,000 devices upgraded to Windows 10. Given the current pace, we have every reason to expect this to happen within a few months.

Windows 10 is now used by 825 million devices

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