WinApay Review: Earn Money playing IQ games online in Nigeria

WinApay Review: Yet another money making opportunity for those Looking for how to earn money playing games online in Nigeria.

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WinApay review

I was making research few weeks ago on how to make money online playing games in Nigeria. Actually i wasn’t making this research because i loved playing games but because some of my fans do love playing games and as such they would need to earn real cash from what they love doing.

After many hours of finding ,testing and sorting the best method that works, i arrived with WINAPAY which am about to write its review here.

With this WinApay review , you will be able to learn how winapay works and how to make money with Winapay either by playing games or as a winApay Affiliate and how to get paid as a winapay member.

WinApay review: How does WinApay Works?

Winapay is an online IQ game just like other IQ brain testers were your intelligences will be tested on different categories ranging from Technology, Sports, Business Entertainment, Fashion/Beauty and
Politics/Current Affairs.

You will have 5munites to answer these questions based on any category you choose.

WinApay goes with both free and paid version. The free version is to test how the game really work to give the real knowledge about the game {Free Version}

The good news about WinApay is that , You earn money online playing games while you as well increase your knowledge.

WinApay Premium Membership How it works

After you have registered an account with WinApay, You will need to fund your WinApay wallet with the minimum of NGN200 (two hundred Naira). This will create the opportunity to play and get paid. otherwise you can play ordinarily without getting paid.

WinApay have various premium players plans: When you choose to fund your account with #200 , you will earn NGN2000 {Two thousand Naira) if you get 10 questions correctly. But if you score 8 to 9 questions correctly, you will get paid back your #200naira.

But if you score 6 to 7 questions correctly, you will get #100 paid back to you. in that case 100naira has been deducted from your WinApay wallet.

When you choose the plan of NGN500 , you will earn #4,000 to your WinApay wallet in 5munites of you get 10 WinApay IQ questions correctly which you can equally withdraw to your bank account anytime you wish.


The amount you can play in a day is unlimited. I.e you can play as many times as you wish and you can cashout to your bank and get paid in less than 24hrs. Your bank account details will be required after registration.

Apart from making money online playing games from WinApay, you can also earn via their affiliate platform.

WinApay Affiliate Program Review: How it works

When you join WinApay, your affiliate section will remain inactive. In that case, you will have to pay #1500 to activate your WinApay Affiliate account.

After activating your affiliate account, you can now start making money via WinApay Affiliate program.

WinApay Affiliate earning Means

  • You will Earn 1,000Naira when someone join WinApay Affiliate through your WinApay Referral link.
  • As a winapay Affiliate member, you will earn 5Naira each hour for login into your account. If for instance you login 8am and you got #5 credited instantly to your WinApay account, by 9am login again you will get another 5naira. Continuously. (24hrs×5) that’s your daily login earning
  • Monthly, Top 10 Affiliate earners get a Free Gift PACK from WinApay as a token of appreciation.
  • You can either withdraw your affiliate earning to your bank account when you have 4 active referrals
  • otherwise you can use your affiliate earning irrespective of the amount accumulated to Buy AIRTIME, DATA, pay Bill ( Gotv , Dstv, Startime )right from your winApay Account.

We just completed our WinApay Review

Are you interested in Joining WinApay? You can register Here

If you have any more question regarding how WinApay works, How to earn from WinApay , How to withdraw or how to fund your WinApay wallet you can contact WinApay 24/7 online WhatsApp support desk (whatsapp on +234

This is just a welcome idea to earn money playing games online in Nigeria: It’s your turn to give it a try. Get fun while you earn online.

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