Why Many Nigerian Bloggers and blogging will fail in upcoming 2019

Guest Post by: James Sunday

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Hi everyone reading this article, I just noticed the Blogging-world and those who claim they are bloggers has no knowledge or skills whatsoever, be it speaking or writing good English, Web design, graphic design skill, writing skills, marketing tips or ideas.

Recently, so many people will just wake up and buy an Ebooks from any online source maybe from twitter, Facebook or other web platforms, and after several studies they will claim they’ve reached the cut-off mark to be called “Blogger”, sometimes I just ask myself. Does the word “Blogger” really make people popular or give them a title to be honored or noticed?.

Am just not clear with that at any point, but still what so fascinating in been called a blogger? I really don’t know if you might ask me.

Well, this article will show the loopholes that is available for bloggers especially Nigerian bloggers and some other parts of the world, the changes Google is dishing out to this new bloggers and how many will react to Google new policies.

Why I said blogging will fail here in Nigeria 2019

Am James Sunday (that’s my Facebook ID name) but am known locally as Sunday E. Timothy and I have study the way we, especially Nigerians don’t value Education, Internet, creativity and reading.

I’ve heard so many saying about Nigerians like

“if you want to hide something and you don’t Black Nigerians to have access to it, put it inside a book”

Sorry to say, we’ve been following that thread for decades and it has become a barrier.

Nigerians takes advantage of everything and that why we are not regarded and we have not walk out from that black hole, we are been black listed in so many things and we don’t care.

Is it that we are blind “No”, just that we don’t learn from mistakes, we don’t like progress for ourselves and for others. When someone try to succeed others will become a stumbling stone and what happens, the one who is succeeding or building to succeed will fall and the landing point will be so bad that he/she won’t ever rise only through special help.

Thanks for the reading the scenario above and leaving the topic for a while, now with the scenario above, ask yourself how can you, who happens to be a “Blogger” succeed, make progress and get to height like popular bloggers like Linda, Jide of Nairaland and OgbongeBlog? who bypassed every fake saying about Nigerians and remained buoyant.

Things that will make bloggers to fail in Nigeria

In this section of this article, I’ll list out over three (3) main issues or things that has been making more bloggers fail and how to avoid it if you don’t want to fail like them. (knowing well how the number of unsuccessful bloggers increase daily)

  • Copy and Paste:

    It takes more than just copying and pasting people posts and their links on your blog, it takes more than just buying a host & domain name.

    You want copy from a site that has copy right policy and maybe the author or the admin of the site you copied from report you to Google. What happens next? First, your SEO and your rank will fall all the way down to zero level.

    Perhaps your rank makes your blog displays between 1st to 3rd page on search Engine in Nigeria and after the report, Google decided to deal with you and you find out that you don’t even appear on the 10th page of search Engine, WOW! That really downfall for you. and a good news to the people you stole from. this has made 30% of bloggers failed.

  • Relying of Google Adsense as the only Source of Income:

    Many Nigerian Bloggers depends 100% on Google Adsense to earn from their Blogs and at the end about 75% of these bloggers suffers for issues like “their Account was hacked, suspended or banned.”

    They fail to put in mind that Google is a company and they can decide to change their policy in a way that won’t benefit them at any point in time. This points has made of 50% bloggers failed and many keep falling.

  • Lastly,

    Lack of Business ideas and creativity:

    Many Bloggers has been blinded or misguided to start a blog of their own. Which they’ve nothing in mind to offer to the public and the public, which can make visitors of their site (blog) to support their work through donations.

    Many bloggers that succeed creates an avenue that will sustain them as well as their blogs. This make so many bloggers blog without aim, some will tell you they are blogging because it’s a passion, LOL. That’s madness in the highest degree. Its because they don’t know how to monetize their damn blog or offer any service at all. Its has made over 20% bloggers fail

What can help Bloggers Jump over their Roadblock?

Having listed some core reasons why bloggers fail, we will need a savior and a rescue team.

It’s what I call ‘B. I. S. C.’ meaning “Brain” “Ideas” “Strategy” and “creativity”, you can read my lips on that again.

I know you might wonder like this writer is a “jerk” but let make this straight, am a jerk but what will you be if you close your eyes to truth itself, I guess you will be a ‘looser’ and that’s the thing, no one want to be regarded as a looser, everyone wants to win! Win!! And win!!! And the funniest thing is there can’t be only “winners” we need to have looser in other to see winners.

Nigeria Bloggers has made themselves bunch of Losers’ but blindly, they will assume they’re winners and that has been a loopholes for us. Out of 100% bloggers less than 30% are making it out successful, some uses other methods but not openly mentioned to the public.

There’re so many things people really need out there but but this new bloggers per say, don’t focus on that but instead, they jump right in the hole(pit) where there’s no ladder to get out, no body wants to work, they wanna blog and blog and blog and blog, what’s the result like, been scammed or they scam someone, CTRL C copy and CTRL V paste other people article on your blog page and you sit and think is the end of the way, look that’s a loser way to reason and you’re going down, down and way down. No ladder to bring you up the hole, I bet you on that.

What Bloggers Need To Succeed and prevent falling

Be committed to whatever you do but make the right path and call: My dear blogger, follow,

follow is a goal but not all goal are genuine goal until the Ref. say otherwise. Do what you are good at not what you think you can do, have plan, not someone plan.

Bloggers who are successful don’t stay at a spot, they centralize their creativity. Look at Linda Ikeji as a case study, she started with are Entertainment blog and Hala! She succeeded and created a social site (forum) and she’s empowering writers and paying them to write for her.

Be creative and expand business ideas. This Idea that NNU brought out can be expanded, though WAKANDA wanted to steal such logic but they’re failing. It’s not about starting big, one can start where he knows his power can carry and takeoff from there.

What I noticed is that bloggers don’t want to start from scratch, they want to build their house on someone’s foundation and that will never go well, it will definitely lead to downfall and heartaches.

It also applies to when you rely on just Adsense which serves as means a means of monetization Though, it can be a part of monetization for your blog but 100% relying on it will only bring money and heartache.

For now, I will be hanging up here, kindly drop your comment and share the information on your friends to correct their mind set about Blogging.


  1. SirPhren said:

    Thanks man! Am 100% with you. It turns out passion is not everything… One must be able to make money with that passion in a legal way.

    One killer of potential is Copy and Paste. There is kinda feeling when one writes article and when the article is copied from other blogs. Some will not even credit the owner… If you reading this, know that COPY & PASTE KILLS POTENTIAL.

    Thanks for dropping this namesake.

    August 16, 2018
    • Ngfind said:

      Thank you for your sincere comment.

      You made the truth stand out And that is the major issue.

      Do well to visit my blog http://www.ngfind.com, I discussed matters about Insurance, travel and business.

      August 19, 2018
  2. Ajibade said:

    You have said it all. I like the way you structured the list. If there is one thing I have noticed a lot about bloggers(Nigeria), they are not ready to work their way to success, always looking for short cuts .
    And what does that mean : failure.
    Thanks for the post .

    August 19, 2018
  3. Ngfind said:

    Thanks Ajibade, I am very much grateful for dropping by.

    The Government know, we’re Lazy Nigeria Youth group.

    Do well to visit my blog http://www.ngfind.com, I discussed matters about Insurance, travel and business.

    August 19, 2018
  4. Sylvester Chidi said:

    Great Insight Bro.

    I appreciate the fact that I’m reading this from a Nigerian blogger.

    Bro. Like seriously, if I tell you I’m not sick and tired of these copy and paste thing, you should call me a lier.

    The three keys to success; Creativity, Action and More Actions…

    Remember you can’t be creative without willing to be.

    Great tips bro, this is indeed an eye-opener for those who really want to top up their blogging game.

    Best regards…

    I’m Sylvester Chidi

    November 6, 2018

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