Why it doesn’t make sense right now with a 5G smartphone

Why it doesn’t make sense right now with a 5G smartphone

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Networks are underdeveloped, devices are unreasonably expensive If you buy a new smartphone this year, you still don’t have to think about 5G. Everyone is talking about 5G, the new and faster wireless network that is leading telecommunications in the world, especially in USA and Asia.

But if you’re buying a new phone, you still don’t have to think about 5G. Yes, 5G is an important technology, but you can completely ignore it right now. Without a doubt, 5G will be a great service. It will give us faster data speeds, which means we can only download high-resolution movies in seconds instead of minutes.

High-definition video chats will also work anywhere. 5G will also help us realize ideas about smart cities. Self-driving cars, for example, will know if there is a car accident and will brake if someone blushes. Fifth-generation mobile technology will change the way we get TV and the internet at home and will touch almost every industry.

The real benefits of 5G are likely to remain hidden until new networks are fully implemented and developers show us what we can do on our phones and other devices at faster speeds. But 5G is not about to become widespread technology – in the next 1-2 years. Currently, telcos have only small islands with 5G networks that do nothing but promise higher data rates when you’re “in the right area”.

And only a few phone makers – Samsung is the largest – sell 5G phones today. There is another trend that may be affecting the spread of 5G phones. People keep their devices longer than they used to – for example, changing an iPhone to a new one happens every four years, according to a Bernstein analyst. If you keep your current phone for a few years, you will upgrade to 5G as the technology expands.

But despite limited coverage, telecom retailers and mobile device makers for the new 5G networks will be powerful because they always want their customers updated instead of later. Apple is expected to release the iPhone 5G version in 2020, which can lead to many upgrades, even if not necessary. Keep in mind that you will save money by skipping 5G right away.

For example, a Samsung 5G phone, the Galaxy S10 5G +, costs $ 1,300 in the US, which is a huge premium over the price you would pay for a “regular” Galaxy S10 + $ 799. Definitely a 5G service doesn’t cost a $ 500 premium today.

If you buy a new smartphone this year – without 5G, you’ll be fine in the next few years. And when you’re ready to upgrade, you’ll find cheaper 5G phones in all price ranges.

Why it doesn’t make sense right now with a 5G smartphone

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