Why Google Disabled my payment Received AdSense account: Don’t be a victim

As a new blogger who wants to make money online from blogging or even make blogging as a business career, you should be thinking of AdSense as first monetization before any other monetisation means.

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Indeed getting an approved AdSense for newbies isn’t very easy, as AdSense have many policies you must learn and most of these policies may require you many trials and errors before learning and mastering them.

For now, i can create any new blog and get AdSense approved even at first application using this guide. This is because i have learnt and I’ve passed through the many trials and errors.

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What am trying to say here is: Getting AdSense is not that easy for new bloggers and until you learn ,you will never find it easy like a pro


What about loosing your AdSense?

Can you imagine after struggling to get your website approved, AdSense still banned or suspend your account? how do you feel? ( Hmm very very Sad) This may even make you quite blogging if you’re not much determined.

I have been using AdSense for long. When i was a newbie blogger i made many mistakes which lead to loosing many AdSense accounts. But now i can say “i have learnt” yet something happened to me surprisingly.


I already got AdSense approved for my blog (this one you’re reading from) but i got a job from a client to help him create a blog and buy already approved AdSense ads, and fix it in.

I took this Job and completed the website design then i met a friend who wanted to sell verified and payment received UK AdSense account.

I negotiated with him and made the agreed payment to his bank account, so he released the AdSense login details as usual.

I imported some of the original contents of the blog owner to the new blog and get the blog running with all pages carefully set just like a normal blog design and fixed in the AdSense codes as an expert.

I logged in to the AdSense account and change the payee name, Email address and every other required details to match the new ownership.(Now i was all done but i needed to wait till the next day to submit the job).

Guess what happened overnight?

To my greatest surprise, i just woke up the next morning to see a No-reply email from Google AdSense that my account has been disabled, when i know very well that i didn’t violate any of their policies.

AdSense account disabled

Well i had no other option than to purchase another AdSense account as recommended by the blog owner and fix it in again. now it’s working even without issues. but i learnt something here again.

Why my AdSense was Disabled

From my personal studies, the AdSense account was disabled because of the new informations and user details added.


Changing the entire owners informations creates the impression to AdSense that the account has been hacked by another user. therefore they have to keep it on suspension.

Don’t get your AdSense Suspended

Here’s my advice: Whenever you purchase an approved AdSense account, don’t change the entire informations in just a moment and don’t remove the original email used to approved the AdSense.

Instead, Create a new Email address, Add it to your AdSense then make your new email as the admin while you leave the original email as ordinary user instead of removing it entirely.

After some time, You can then change other details. With this AdSense won’t label you spam.

I did same for the second AdSense i purchased and it worked without issues.

What about Recovering A Suspended AdSense account?

There are so many guides online which claimed to help recover suspended AdSense accounts. With this many tutors, i have not heard testimonies of those whom it worked for, instead they keep saying AdSense don’t reply their appeal messages.

So i don’t even border myself getting any of my suspended AdSense back as that’s just a waste of time.

After sending several appealing messages, AdSense will not even reply you so what’s the need.(instead find an alternative to get yourself another AdSense account just like i did)

Wrapping Up:Don’t get your AdSense Suspended

Prevention is better than Cure

Perhaps you may have tried this same method of changing the entire informations without getting banned or suspended but i won’t recommend you try it again after my last experience, because AdSense are getting very strict to their policies every day by day.

Google AdSense is no mans friend. they can suspend or bann whoever they wish at any point in time. Be carefull on how you handle your AdSense accounts. You can read my Guide here and Here to get safe clicks

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