Why Facebook wants to know who our best friends are

Why Facebook wants to know who our best friends are

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Our social networking activity is the reason why Facebook has a huge amount of information for every user. The company knows not only how we talk and where we live, but also what kind of music we love, what we are looking for on the Internet and more.

The same can be said about friends and the nearest peer with which we mostly communicate on Facebook. Our personal information is primarily used to see more relevant content in our accounts.

The company’s developers are experimenting with various ideas on how to make News Feed even more useful for everyone. The next idea is Facebook to ask users who are their best friends, Mashable reports.

The social network has always tried to predict who our closest ones are. This is possible with special algorithms that process data about the activities of Facebook profiles and follow who we usually communicate with.

It does not seem that this is enough and the company will take an even more aggressive approach to understand the information it needs. Facebook confirmed that they have tests with a limited number of profiles that see reporting asking them to share their closest friends.

According to official data, the responses will be confidential and necessary to improve news filters. It will not be a surprise if this message will soon appear on all accounts.

Why Facebook wants to know who our best friends are

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