When robots evaluate and dismiss employees

When robots evaluate and dismiss employees

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Some Amazonian warehouse workers say they have avoided walking even to the toilets so they do not waste time and meet expectations … computer algorithms People are being monitored, evaluated and – if they do not do their jobs – fired from Amazon distribution warehouses are the “engine” of the company – huge department stores where workers pack, sort and direct each order before sending to the buyer.

These days it is understood that people there are supervised, evaluated, and – if they do not do their job – they are released from … computer algorithms. Amazon monitors the productivity of every worker through a computer. If a person does not comply with the rules, the system generates a warning and may even terminate his contract.

Amazon warehouses are not the first such case – Uber’s employees have long complained of managing algorithms. This will put us into thinking because such situations will probably become more frequent.

Workers under stress The documents revealed by The Verge show workers in the Amazons warehouse under stress: they are forced to “keep up” by packing hundreds of boxes per hour and can lose jobs if they do not do it fast. The pressure is great because every worker knows that many unemployed are still waiting for him.

In a letter signed by Amazons officials last year, it was announced that the company had fired hundreds of employees in one of its warehouses in the period from August 2017 to September 2018. Cause of low productivity. Spokesperson of the company stated that contracts of about 300 permanent employees were suspended for this time – due to inefficiency.

This is a significant share of the warehouse team: there are about 2,500 permanent employees. This makes up more than 10% of staff. One-tenth of the employees are released annually! The solution comes from the machine. However, it is a shocking discovery that the decision to reject is coming from the machine.

The warehouse has a highly automated tracking and evaluation process. “The Amazon system tracks the tempo and performance of each individual worker,” according to the letter, and “automatically generates warnings or interruptions because of the quality or productivity without the intervention of the supervisor.

“In a nutshell, employees track, rate, and fired robots, the system monitors the” TOT “indicator, which means” the time of the job. “If the worker stops working for too long, the system automatically generates a warning, maybe even releasing it. that they avoided walking even to the toilets so as not to waste time and fulfill expectations.

System critics rate it as a machine that only sees numbers, but not people, is there a human intervention. and the cancellation of an automated evaluation and release system decision.

Automatic appraisal and dismissal process also includes appeal proceedings, The Verge said, but it does not mention how many managers actually intervened, how many complaints and how executives deal with such cases, instead, Amazon says that “qualification is part of the process of aligning workers with standards,” and that the company improves its pace of work “only when and more than 75% of workers in the warehouse reach their set goals.

” The worst 5% of workers “are sent to training,” the company quotes. An unpleasant situation is not unique. Uber Drivers have long complained of “Algorithm Management,” says MIT Technology Review. With the development of automation tools automation, such stories are likely to become more frequent.

When robots evaluate and dismiss employees

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