What’s social bookmarking: The endless lists of social Bookmarking websites

What is Social Bookmarking? can it really help blogger to build traffic? if yes in what way?

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It takes 10munites to create a blog and 10years to build a blog.(quote by Kennedy Prosper)

Even after setting up a websites/ blog, there are still many work to do to make the website go popular and well know on the internet, as this is the dream of every blogger been you a blogger who blogs for fun or for money.

If after creating a blog you cannot get required traffic to get the blog viral, am sure you may quite if care is not taken as it was listed among some of the reasons why bloggers fail.

We have learnt a lot about link building and traffic generation . even if you started blogging today i believe you must be aware that driving traffic to your website is something very crucial, if your effort must be compensated.

Building quality links is not that easy. as it may take some time, efforts and strategies that works. In on of my recent articles i listed some top business blogs where you can submit your guest posts as a blogger .

I personally wrote this article for those who are looking for ways to build quality backLinks to their blogs. But not quite long after creating that post i received another message on Facebook from a good friend who was seeking to know the meaning of social bookmarking and how it can help SEO

what is social bookmarking

I was trying to give him some explanations on Facebook concerning social bookmarking instead i just have to publish it perhaps to help you learn what is social bookmarking and how it can help your search ranking.

What Is Social Bookmarking

social bookmarking is sharing your articles, posts, photoes, links, online through the help of other websites known as the social bookmarking websites

Twitter is social bookmarking site because you can share your posts, photos ,links etc on Twitter, Pinterest is another social bookmarking site because you can also do likewise.

Why is social bookmarking very important to bloggers ?

Importance of Social bookmarking

  • traffic Generation:

    Did you remember the last time you posted on Facebook with your site link? check your analytics reports and you will see that you got lots of visits through your shared links.

    With social bookmarking sites which allows you to share your articles, links, photos online you can get more traffic to your blog for free.

  • Personal Branding:

    usually, Social bookmarking sites allows you to build a profile. With your profile, and the relevant articles you share daily, you can easily build credibility online.

    Whenever i share an article on Facebook, people always click because I have been known for sharing relevant articles.

  • Quick Index:

    Even when your SEO is not yet sound because of the newness of your blog, with social bookmarking sites like Digg, De Licio, Stumble Upon, Google+ etc. you can get your articles indexed on googles front page.

    Share a relevant article on google+ or other social bookmarking sites that can be indexed, and you will see that after sometimes, your posts goes life on googles front page even when your main blog is not yet indexed.

    With social bookmarking sites you can also tap from the joy of getting organic traffic with your newly set up blog.

  • Quality BackLinks:

    Most of the bookmarking sites has gained authority already. so when you get back links from them, it can increase your pagerank.

    When You create a profit with some social bookmarking sites, you are required to add your website links. Doing this will earn you backlinks from such site.

    Apart from that, you do submit your articles on them with your site links as the post source . You will get backlinks through this and also generate more traffic.

    Social Bookmarking sites is no doubt one of the best ways to build quality backlinks with ease without spending Money.

There are lots of social Bookmarking websites available on the internet today with assorted features and branding but they all serve the same purpose in common.

Some of the top Social Bookmarking websites online Are listed below:

Top Social Bookmarking websites:


Digg is a popular place were millions of users post regular contents daily. and it was founded 2012.

If you also bookmark your post with Digg, you can as well drive targeted traffic to your blog.

To bookmark your site you just have to register for free and select the bookmarking option suitable for your page.

  • StumbleUpon.com

    This is another popular social bookmarking site own by EBay. You can bookmark your site for free and get millions of readers to your bookmarked pages.

    To start stumbling your articles to get more traffic, all you need is just register with them for free. you can register with your Facebook ID or with your valid Gmail account.,

  • Delicious

    Delicious is also another popular open platform where you can bookmark your web pages to get traffic for free.

  • Folkd.com:

    This is a social site where you can also bookmark your pages to get traffic. You can as well search for the most popular links, photos videos, and much more..

  • Reddit.com

    Redit is a social community where you can also create your own community of any kind based on your niche.

    With redit you can share your articles, photos , pictures etc.

  • Bizsugar.com

    here you can grow your small business to get more clients by sharing relevant articles for free. after registration.

  • Scoop.it

    Share your articles online with your source links for free and also you can share on other social medias to enable your scoot profile and articles go more popular.

  • Fark.com

    You submit your articles for review and you get them published to get million views. if your articles are original enough you even get more organic traffic to them.

  • Slashdot.org

    Slashdot is an open media that get millions of daily pageviews.

    You are allowed to share your photos , stories and links as well. all you need is register a profit to get started bookmarking your pages to see changes.

  • Newsvine.Com

    They have been exiting since 2006 with many daily unique visitors.

    You can also enjoy from this traffic by registering and sharing your articles with them

  • Lists of other Social Bookmarking Websites

    apart from the above top social bookmarking websites , there are other relevant bookmarking sites were you can also submit your articles and get listed.

    CONCLUSION: All i can say is ” the lists of Social Bookmarking websites are endless ” You can start submitting your articles on any of the above and which other ones you already know that are not listed here.

    If you are looking for a way to get traffic and quality backlinks, then using social bookmarking sitesshould be your priority.

    Submitting articles on the above sites could be very stressful but you just have to make it a task for yourself.

    The more your effort in submission , the more you get traffic and backlinks…….

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