What we need to keep in mind when choosing a new smartphone

What we need to keep in mind when choosing a new smartphone

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When we give money for expensive things like smartphones, we want to be aware of everything that can or can not offer us. However, very often merchants do not convince one thing, and when we return home, things are different.

There are very few “really bad” smartphones, but keep in mind when you go to buy a new phone. In this case, Android Authority information on the seven things that suggest that the phone you want to buy is not cost-effective.

1. Android version

One of the best indicators of how good a smartphone is is the Android version available in the store. How is the e-up-to-date software installed? If the device runs Android 7.0, it is either very old, or its manufacturer is not interested in updating the operating system. And if your phone does not receive the latest security updates on Google, it can be vulnerable to malicious attacks.

2. Pages are loaded slowly

Before making a final decision on whether to buy a smartphone, it’s a good idea to ask for permission to remove it from the box and check how it works. Try to find out about smooth browsing, what happens when you search long text pages in Chrome and how long does it take to open the application? Remember, this device will be used for at least several years. If there is something you do not like from the beginning, you better go back, because over time, the phone will enjoy less and less.

3. Lack of basic functionality

There are people who do not need the latest technology and are not willing to pay much for a smartphone. But the phone can have only one rear camera without wireless charging and it’s still great. For example, Nokia, Ulefone, Honor, Oukitel, Blackview and many others offer excellent phones at affordable prices.

However, there are features and specifications that you should not deprive. Fingerprint sensors are not absolutely mandatory, but they are a useful thing for which you must surely think carefully. Also, phones that come with 1080p resolution or MicroUSB should not be on the shelves, although these things may have less relevance for some users.

Finally, think very carefully before selecting a 16GB memory phone. It will quickly fill up and can cause many headaches afterwards.

4. Unknown manufacturer

That you have not heard of a brand or manufacturer does not automatically mean that they are bad. New producers have to appear somehow. Similarly, not every phone from a recognized OEM manufacturer will be good. However, if you are buying blindly, holding up famous names will usually point you in the right direction. At least you know what you get and what you can expect afterwards.

5. Weak camera

Today the cheapest phone can offer much of what more expensive phones offer. It’s not unusual to find a mid-range phone that will work with the latest version of Android and maintain a face lock technology. But the camera is another thing – it’s a weak connection, even with some more expensive models. The number of megapixels is not important for creating a good photo, so it is better to test the phone in the store and take a few photos to make sure that you are in quality.

6. Bad design and defects

If at first glance a smartphone does not look good – bad design and bad things, do not risk it. This may mean that the phone will not last very long. Be especially careful if there are scratches on the screen, dead pixels or other defects that are characteristic of cheap models.

It is important to carefully consider whether your looks are satisfying and whether it is the phone with which you will be satisfied. If the price is your main concern, keep in mind that you can get some very good deals at reasonable prices.

7. Pre-installed software

Even the largest OEM manufacturers fill their phones with countless applications, most of which consumers never use. But in any case, it’s a sign that a company does not put its customers first.

A good phone should only have pre-installed basic applications and maybe several additional applications for some extra features unique to this phone. Duplicates of any Google application are inconveniences (inconveniences that may not be released), as well as unnecessary applications that claim to save battery life, improve security or give you a flashlight. You can download all these things if you need them.

With cheaper hardware, preinstalled software becomes an even bigger problem, especially if the phone has limited internal storage.

What we need to keep in mind when choosing a new smartphone

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