what to do immediately after installing WordPress On your new Domain Name

You just bough a new domain name and web hosting and happily you have successfully installed WordPress on your domain name, As a new blogger you are asking what to do immediately after installing WordPress on your new domain name.

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When i was a newbie blogger, i was also confused about this section of what to do immediately after installing WordPress to the extent it even made me stop blogging for some days thinking and making research on what next, to make sure i follow the right steps in order to avoid unusual mistakes and errors.

The first thing that comes your mind immediately after installing WordPress is creating new articles if you are a new blogger but mind you it’s far beyond creating and sharing articles. You can’t start blogging immediately after WordPress has been installed , you still need some works of modifications and settings both on your domain and on your WordPress dashboard to make your website more functional.

Are You a new blogger who just managed to install WordPress and looking for the next step? in this article i shall be guiding you on what to do immediately after installing WordPress: read further….

What to Do immediately after Installing WordPress

  • Install the Necessary Plugins
  • Do Your WordPress Dashboard Settings
  • Install A new theme
  • Add the Necessary Widgets
  • Add Website to Google search
  • add website to Analytics
  • Create a Facebook Page
  • Start Blogging

Install The Necessary Plugins:

Immediately after installing WordPress ,i login to my WordPress admin dashboard and navigate to Appearance then click on plugins to upload new plugins: below are the essential plugins that i usually upload after after installing WordPress.

  • Yoast SEO
  • Google analytics Plugin
  • Wp Cache
  • WordPress Dashboard Settings:

    On your WordPress dashboard go to settings and you will see the general settings and others just click on them all to make sure all settings are intact as desired.

    • Navigate to Settings and select General settings to set your website title and tagline.

      what to do immediately after installing WordPress

      Your website title and tagline should be very short and descriptive to explain what your website is all about both to your readers and search engines.

    • Set your WordPress Url Structure: Navigate to settings and click on permalinks and change those ugly URL form to any one that can suit you and your SEO.

      what to do immediately after installing wordpress

      To me i prefer the post name title structure as this is the best for readers and seo.

    • Change Your Discussion Settings: Click on settings and select Discussion at this page you will be able to manage how your site users get notified about messages and comments from your blog.
    • Set your Reading Settings: in this setting section you will need to select how your blog readers view your homoage in either static form or latest post form.

      what to do immediately after installing WordPress

      Click on settings and select reading
      If you want to display just one page on your front page then tick the static page option but if you want to display your latest posts on your homepage then tick the latest posts option

    Install a new Theme:

    it’s not advisable you start blogging with the default WordPress theme as it is not so professional and nice in design.

    There are many free and paid WordPress themes online, you can search for free WordPress themes on Google and you will find many of them with their Demo. Browse through them and download anyone of your choice and upload it on your WordPress website to get a better design.

    To upload A new WordPress theme from your website admin dashboard click on Appearance >> Themes >> Add New >> Upload Theme. choose the theme you just downloaded and upload it to your blog then activate it after installation.

    Add necessary Widgets:

    There are many widgets to beautify your website as a WordPress users. At first when you installed WordPress you will see some widgets already installed, you can remove them to add more attractive widgets to your footer and your sidebars or other sections of your website.

    The popular post widgets, Pages widgets, Search Widgets,related post widgets and other top widgets should be added to your website.

    To add new widgets ,click on Appearance >> and select >> Widgets then >> add new widgets

    Add Website to Google Search Engine:

    As a blogger the only thing that can make you achieve quick success is when you generates more organic traffic knowing well that without SEO your website could be useless even when you create unique articles.

    Having installed Yoast Plugin on your WordPress website , just go to your Google search console and add your website to Google then configure your Yoast plugin in connection to your Google search console.

    Submit your sitemap and do other SEO work properly.

    Add You Website to Google Analytics:

    Google analytics is made to track your website and get every required stats about your website and your audience.

    adding your website to Google analytics is among what to do immediately after installing WordPress

    Create a Facebook Page:

    Create a new Facebook page and connect your website to your Facebook page: Your page is where you will be interacting with your Facebook users

    After creating new contents you can go ahead to share them on your pages to get your Facebook fans updates as Facebook is the biggest social media you can use in promoting your website

    Start Blogging:

    Having done all of the above , i can now say you are ready to start blogging: As you do any other customization that comes your mind along your blogging side.

    Remember this is a new blog, so you need evergreen contents to gain your targeted audience. Don’t start your blog with useless articles you may end up loosing your returning visitors .

    Don’t share Your first article on Facebook, make them up to 10 or above before you start broadcasting your work everywhere

    CONCLUSION Those are the very few things i do each time i just set up my new blog on WordPress. Having learnt what to do immediately after installing WordPress, it’s time you start building your blog with the above guides if you find them useful.

    Remember that blog customisation is unending as you keep modifying your blog on daily basis to your own taste. the above guide is just but few and the basics of your new WordPress blog modification so keep on blazing as you drop your comments , share , and subscribe for my next updates.


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