What the video feature will be in the Google search engine

What the video feature will be in the Google search engine

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Google Coach completely changed the way we find content online and is the most popular product of the company. Each day their algorithms index hundreds of millions of searches.

Google Search is constantly subject to software updates that further enhance the browser’s capabilities. The latest update is related to YouTube videos and offers a handy new feature called “In This Video”, announced AndroidPolice.

In fact, this is an additional strip that appears under the YouTube video that marks the most interesting moments of the video. Practically, “In This Video” divides the content into its main parts and includes time and description of individual episodes.

Users can easily move between marked events and directly start this part of the video clip. The function also allows you to come or go back.

The integration of this tool will make it easier for you to navigate on YouTube from smartphones, especially when watching long videos. This is the most interesting improvement in the v10.7.4.21 version of the Google application, which is still in beta.

It should be noted that even a handful of videos support “In This Video“, with additional information not available on all devices. The company probably needs more time before allowing everyone to test “In This Video“.

What the video feature will be in the Google search engine

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