What news awaits us on Google Maps

What news awaits us on Google Maps

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The forgotten Google Trips app had some pretty useful and handy features. They finally returned as part of Google Maps, SlashGear reports. This is the latest update to the Google Navigation app.

Google promised before Trips’ exclusion that this would happen. Finally, the fact is, with some returning features. The first is the ability to organize trips in the “Your places and reservations” section.

They will be able to combine all travel reservations, including airline tickets and hotels. The information will be stored on the device and will be available online.

Another new feature is the Live View feature. It uses Augmented Reality to display real-time navigation directions on the phone screen. The information will be adjusted to the position of the user and the device.

The following feature will be useful when looking for dining establishments. Called your competition and you will choose restaurants whose menus meet the customer’s taste preferences. They will be selected based on the customer’s history of which restaurants they frequent.

It will also show how long you wait and which dishes are most popular. Live view will only be used when Street View is available. The service will be available for both iOS and Android and will become available in the next few weeks.

What news awaits us on Google Maps

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