What is Google Maps AR and how it works

What is Google Maps AR and how it works

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One of the innovations presented during Google I / O last year was added navigation on Google Maps. A year later it is already a fact and will first be offered by the new Pixel 3a phones, reports from Pocket-lint. Although technology is still in its early stages, the review is promising.

What is Google Maps AR

Of course, the first question is what is this option and how it differs from the default navigation on Google Maps. The new version of Google Maps AR aims to make it easier to move around unknown places with the help of the phone’s camera to display information and navigate the right objects and streets.

In this way, artificial intelligence recognizes objects that the user sees and, together with GPS localization, knows exactly where it is, and the accuracy becomes much greater.

This allows the Maps AP to give more precise instructions to the user, including where and where to go, because the virtual boards appear over the right paths and streets.

Where is Google Maps AR

Although it has a special name, it is not a standalone application, it is part of the default Google Maps. It will gradually appear for more users and is available when searching for an address, with a navigation mode for selecting the walking mode. At the bottom of the window, the Start AR button will appear.

How to use Google Maps AR

After pressing the button, the AR mode will be activated and the interface of the application will be changed. It will automatically select the most appropriate route and start standard voice navigation.

Maps AR will turn on the camera and will try to identify the exact location. For this purpose, it will also help with comparative photos from Google Street View (if there is no Street View data in the area, AR mode will not work). A standard card will be displayed at the bottom of the screen.

When everything is ready, AR mode will show the correct direction of movement, as the indicators will change with the rotation and movement of the user and phone. Virtual boards will show additional details, such as the remaining distance, the subsequent maneuver, and so on.

In addition, the application will recommend that the user not look at the phone and withdraw it as follows. If not, the application will turn off the screen intentionally.

When does Google Maps AR become a reality?

Google now does not provide an exact date. Pixel phones are expected to use the service relatively quickly.

What is Google Maps AR and how it works

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