What is Feedburner, Is feedburner Free, And how does feedburner email subscription works?

The entire Blogging world has recommended the use of feedburner to every blogger who cares to build subscribers for free. But not everyone knows what feedburner really means thereby leaving some new bloggers with questions such as, what is feedburner, is feedburner free?, and how does feedburner works?. etc…

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These are some of the very few questions that new bloggers won’t stops asking about feedburner. and we are going to make them clear in this article, so you can understand what is feedburner email subscription and how it works as a new blogger.

What Is Feedburner Email Subscription and how does it works?

Whenever you visit the websites of top bloggers , you will always see a space bidding you to submit your email for upcoming updates. Not only on other blogs. We also have it here on our blog, and if you have not subscribed before, you can scroll down to submit your email.

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Now after submitting your email address, when next an update is published here, You will receive the notification immediately directly to your email . this is because you have submitted it to us already probably because you love to read more updates from us.


There are various online services which allows you to collect and gather email addresses from your blog readers so you can easily get in touch with them over new updates. and Feedburner is one among these online services to collect email subscribers.

Feedburner is owned and managed by Google (it’s a google product).

Google Feedburner was launched in the Year 2014 to help bloggers build subscribers easily from their websites/blogs.

the whole answer about what is feedburner: is helping bloggers and website owners build email subscribers

Is Feedburner Free?

Having learnt what is feedburner and how it works, you may also want to know if feedburner is free to use.

The reason why many bloggers always ask if feedburner is free is as a result of the huge amount they see some bloggers used in building email lists using other email list subscribers such as Aweber, Ymlp, and lots more….

There are many premium email list subscribers online which you can also use, but feedburner is totally free to use service. There’s no daily, weekly, monthly or annual charges when using feedburner.

This is one of the reasons why feedburner is recommended over all other list builders for those who are looking for freemium services.

Why i love Google Feedburner free email subscribers builder

  • You can easily Redirect Your Feedburner Feeds:

    Feedburner works with your website feed address. If after you have submitted your site feed URL to Feedburner , and you later moved to a new domain name, you can easily switch over your feed by redirecting users to your new feed.

    what is feedburner

    After switching, when next your readers subscribe, it will be directly to your new feed.

  • You can Connect your Feed to your social media:

    if you want your updates to be shared automatically to your social media profiles just like it’s sent to your email subscribers , you can as well connect your social media to your feedburner account.

    what is feedburner

    Having connected your social media profiles, when next you update your blog, it will be automatically tweeted to your social media profile.

  • Your Feeds are analyze for easy understanding:

    Were do your subscribers come from? which post did they read before subscribing, how do they visited your site?. You will know everything about how you’ve got your subscribers.

    what is feedburner

    In addition, you will see how many subscribers you have at every moment. You can export and import your subscribers as well.

  • Embedded for Code Feedburner:

    Feedburner gives you the opportunity to easily embed the feedburner subscription form code through which you get your subscribers.

    what is feedburner

    You can easily get your subscribers form code in any language of your choice since they support many languages such as English , Chinese, Spanish, Russia , French etc….

How to i generate and add Feedburner subscription form code to my website?

Having learnt what is feedburner and how Feedburner works, let’s go further to adding feedburner to your blog to start collecting subscribers.

Not quite long , i wrote an article with the step by step guides on how to generate feedburner subscription form code and how to add it to your blog for free.

You can Read Here.:https://blogsng.com/add-feedburner-subscription-form-code-wordpress/

How can i login my feedburner Account?

Feedburner is Google product , and as such, you will only need your gmail logins to get access to your feedburner account.

Make Sure your gmail is currently logged in from your browser. With the same browser through which you have log into your gmail address, simply click on this link.https://feedburner.google.com/

After clicking, you will see your feedburner Dashboard . there will be no request for password or any other login details (your email login has requested that already). but if your gmail is not yet logged in, you will be prompted to enter your email login details.

With Feedburner, any of your blog readers who dropped email on your blog will be automatically notified when you create new posts or make an update on your blog. You don’t have to send message to them manually

Conclusion:What is Feedburner

The question : What is Feedburner was gotten from an online forum, so i decided to give a clear answer here .

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