What changes do we expect on Facebook in 2019?

What changes do we expect on Facebook in 2019?

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Facebook officially confirmed that they are ready with the new design of their Android and iOS apps. The updated vision focuses on two of the key features, namely Events and Groups. Consumers will be able to test their smartphone improvements on their own in the next few days.

Work is done for Facebook integration, but it will take a few months before it starts spreading to all profiles. The company claims that over 400 million users are active members of at least one group.

In social networking there are tens of millions of similar communities, which unite and facilitate the discovery of interesting content daily, which is the reason for the new design. The updated application for mobile apps makes it easier to navigate to your account and put groups in which you are at the center of Facebook.

There are also additional tools for quick connection or finding new groups according to your personal interests. The biggest change is that the Groups tab is already in the middle of the menu, announced TheVerge.

After clicking on it, you will see a personalized feed source with updates from all the groups you are in. Facebook’s algorithms will also recommend new ones that are selected according to your activity.

The modified design also includes the “Meet New Friends” feature, which allows you to connect with foreigners who share the same interests and preferences. The company will also begin to actively promote the groups in all applications, including Marketplace and Watch.

What changes do we expect on Facebook in 2019?

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