What are the improvements in Samsung’s 5-nanometer processors?

What are the improvements in Samsung’s 5-nanometer processors?

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Samsung has already confirmed that it has begun mass production of 7-nanometer smartphone processors and has already focused on developing even more advanced technologies.

The company’s next goal is to succeed in surpassing its competitors and, above all, TSMC in creating architectures based on better 5-nanometer processes. Samsung’s engineers have already started real testing with the first prototype chips in their factories, Engadget reported.

If all this goes smart with Samsung’s 5-nanometer processors, this will happen in the second half of 2020. Consumers can expect up to 10% faster workload with 20% lower power consumption than the company’s current generation chips.

To get a better idea, we will add that the transistors of 5-nanometer processors are so small that 2000 of them can fit in the size of human hair.

It is also time to determine that the size of the atom is about 1 nanometer. Samsung plans to use the same Extreme Ultraviolet (EUV) technology that is part of their 7-nanometer processors.

The Korean manufacturer has already invested over $ 6 billion to build facilities to increase production capacity. It will not be a surprise if their 5-nanometric technology needs even more funding before we see the first devices in it on the market.

What are the improvements in Samsung’s 5-nanometer processors?

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