What are evergreen contents in Blogging and how can i write evergreen articles?

What are evergreen contents and how can i write evergreen articles? If these are some of the questions you’ve been wandering about searching for answers then this post is definitely for you.

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Each day you keep reading online from top bloggers, they keep hitting the same point everyday that writing evergreen contents will make you drive longterm organic/google traffic. There’s no doubt that writing evergreen articles is the best methods through which you can retain your Search engine traffic but before we further on how and What let me show you what it means by evergreen articles.

What are evergreen And Non Evergreen contents?

Evergreen contents or articles in blogging simply means blog posts that will keep driving traffic even after a very long time of publishing the post.

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Examples of evergreen content are: How to Create a website, Frequently asked questions and answer about freelancing, How to Create successful Blog, How to Start affiliate marketing, How to create ebooks and many more.


evergreen contents

No matter how old the internet goes, people will never stop searching for all of the above topics or something related because they’re evergreen and high in demand day in and day out.

The opposite of evergreen content is non evergreen or seasonal content. These are contents or blog posts that will only drive traffic to your blog for some periods after which they are no longer trending.

Such Blog posts will remain in your blog but people won’t have interests in searching for them either because they’re no longer trending. In order words, they’re outdated. Example of such topics are: Music and Videos.

non evergreen contents

Did you remember when Michael Jackson latest music where driving traffic to your Blog because it was a trending Search? How about now? am sure you’re aware there’s no way you will share such videos or music to get traffic. To cut it short , anything that falls under entertainment is not evergreen because sooner or later people will no longer search for them.

These Non evergreen content can only drive traffic to your blog for the main time when it’s still trending after then, the traffic goes down. While the demand for evergreen contents can never be affected as people will always search for them.

Evergreen Contents Structures

The evergreen content structures happens to fall under some categories as listed below.

  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
  • “How To” Guides and Tutorials
  • Testimonials
  • Industry Resources
  • Glossaries of Terms and Phrases
  • “History of” Articles

All of the above are structures of evergreen contents and if you don’t have any of them in your blog it means you don’t have evergreen contents. Consider adding some.

How to write evergreen contents that drives traffic

The below guides will help you on how to create evergreen contents that will keep driving traffic to your blog from google and social medias.

Figure Out your Topic: Make sure the topic you want to write about is evergreen: You can figure evergreen contents considering the above listed Structures.

Do keywords research:Having found your desired topic which is evergreen, now you will have to do keywords research to know which term people are using to find such keywords on google

Now it’s time to write your post after doing your keywords research: Be sure that you post have the qualities of evergreen contents among which we have:

  • Topic must be easy to understand
  • Aim at beginners
  • Choose a precise topic
  • Show your knowledge and authority
  • Choose an easy-to-follow format
  • Revisit the posts to update them in accordance
  • Inspire action
  • Repurpose the content according to the likes

Wrapping up: Understanding Evergreen Contents as a Blogger

Don’t be confused about writing evergreen contents, there’s nothing different about it than the usual way of writing any other blog post. The only difference is picking a topic that will last long on the internet.

Even when you write seasonal topics to drive seasonal traffic, always be sure to have some evergreen contents in your blog so that your traffic won’t fall.

Am sure you understand what it now means by evergreen articles and the structure of how it looks? You can now get started picking and writing some everlasting blog posts on your website to keep the traffic going.

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