What a friend I am without Facebook!

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What a friend I am without Facebook!

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Missing Mick’s birthday is worth it because it will get rid of his dog Rocky’s daily routine and spread the word on various topics. The Facebook social network has a unique good ability – to remind birthdays.

“A friend from university recently had a birthday. What’s more – not insignificant. But I forgot it. I forgot it and didn’t say hello. I forgot it before because I’m an idiot.

Maybe partly because my hours are also progressing and I most likely subconsciously want to avoid discussing about the birthdays of all peers, including my own. But, as one of our friends, a mutual friend who has forgotten and Mitko’s birthday, pointed out, I mostly forgot about it because I rarely log into Facebook.

Facebook has enchanted the daily lives of many. No, he didn’t make Earth a digitized “wonderland,” but he has this uniquely good ability – to remind friends of birthdays. The platform can be anything, it can spread misinformation, it can create bubbles, but it undoubtedly reminds us very much of birthdays. And so it creates a wonderful illusion that they pay attention to the lives of others, friends, distant acquaintances, and even strangers.

This is a great service for anyone who generally doesn’t remember birthdays and birthdays. There is such a group of people – they don’t do it on purpose, they just don’t remember the dates and holidays.

They probably had a bunch of couples in history as students because they don’t remember the dates of fateful events like the signing of peace treaties and agreements between kings. As adults, reasonable people will rarely call a friend to greet him or her with his birthday or birthday.

Facebook conveniently reminds them of the birthdays of friends – students, previous work colleagues, distant relatives living abroad.
It’s not enough, but it’s so easy to click on the reminder and throw in the “Happy Birthday, be alive and well” post. Or just “Happy Birthday!”. Or just “CRD!” A few seconds on the keyboard and hop – a glittering greeting on your birthday’s Facebook page. How convenient! What a sweet gesture! What a good friend!

But Facebook is equally good at receiving greetings and recognizing that these people are close to each other as they say hello. And that they want to know everything about each other. Then they will show you something from the relatives personal announcements.

In the case of Mitko from the story above, Facebook will show Mitko unknown “idiot” political words to Mitko, a photo of Mitko’s new dog hairstyle – Rocky, Mitko’s new sports jacket, Mitko’s disappointing unbroken ribbon dinner, Rocky sleeve ribbon … and so on one imperceptibly does not begin to feel that he knows more about Mitko than he wants.

There are many who think Facebook has failed. But there are still many who simply do not want to know so much about the Mitkovites around them.
None of these Mitko publications are vital. It’s by no means life-saving – it’s just spam, the accumulated “news” that consumes our time.

So, gradually and unnoticed, more and more people are moving away from Facebook. They withdraw, begin to enter less frequently – because they do not want to know everything about the Mitkovci, who do not stop presenting their lives and thoughts to the show.

This trend is calm from the pre-scandal with Facebook and Cambridge Analytic, before the boom of “fake news”, before campaigns against “fake news” and all other events that – at least theoretically – should cause people to give up the social network. Ordinary people withdraw for purely personal reasons because they do not want to be constantly up to date with the lives of hundreds of Mitkovians around them.

And if they separate themselves one day and re-enter the social network, they will find that they have not missed anything worthwhile. They open Mitko’s next post for mayoral candidates and election machinations.

“I agree I’ll miss it all, I really don’t mind. So excuse me to forget your birthday in advance. I hope you have a great time.”

What a friend I am without Facebook!

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