Top Free Websites to Upload files Without registering Online

Are You a music blogger? , did you host files on your site but don’t want to upload them directly to your host because your site is running on limited Space? You can use some third party services to upload files without registering online if you want it the quick way.

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There are Many websites to upload files without registering online but in this post we shall be listing the most popular and most needed sites to upload anonymously

With this Method, You can also Create a download site on Blogspot and your files will be secured with you.

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Without time waste, Below are some lists of Websites to Upload files online without signing Up with your details.


Top Websites to Upload files without registering online

All of the below lists of Websites to upload anonymously are free to use even though some of them have premium plans for those who cares.


    has one aim; to be the simplest file sharing site on the planet.

    According to UPLOADFILES.IO: We believe sharing your holiday snaps with your family shouldn’t be a chore. So we fixed it. Upload an unlimited number of files for free, without registration, and get a short sharable URL in return, instantly.

    Free users can upload files up to 5GB, and set them to expire between 1 hour and 30 days. Pro users can upload files up to 50GB and store them forever.

    Every month, more than 5 million people use to quickly and securely store, organise and share all their personal and professional data in the cloud.


    You can Upload Files upto 1Gb and send them to your friends for easy download.

    One bad news about this anonymous file uploader is that your links will expire in 24hrs after which Firefox will Eradicate it from their servers.

    After this period of link availability, when users click on the link, Your links will be unaccessible as files has been terminate by Firefox.

    √This method is good for Sharing quick and instant files online. Am sure it also helps to upload files without registering.


    was made to give any user the opportunity to share any file completly free ! Sharing files with friends made simple as you never imagined before.

    • Sharing files without any costs for our users.
    • Only display a limited number of advertising
    • Direct stream/access for the most filetypes/codecs – Simplicity is our goal – just upload and share without any limitations! Reminder: There arent any paid features – Just use us!


    This I the easiest way to upload files without registering online.

    Even without the use of any advanced phone or PC browser you can easily use mobile opera to select files from your Phone and hit on the upload button.

    Your files will be immediately uploaded and you will get your direct download link which you can share anywhere online with your Blog readers.

    One limitation about this method to upload files without registering online is that you’re only allowed to upload Maximum of 50MB files.

    Am sure that can serve you better if you run a music site since no music will be of such length. You can also use it for uploading digital files such as eBooks.


    This is also another drag and drop anonymous file uploading site where you can easily host and upload files without registering online.

    This anonymous file uploader is 100% free and there’s no download limit to the files uploaded.

    free files and music uploading site without registration can help you upload any type of file and you are only allowed to upload 500MB maximum file size.


    Here is another website where you can also upload your Files online as anonymous.

    You can Host files of Upto 50GB here. You may also need to register for free to secure your files for future use

    But if you insist to upload files without registering (anonymous) then you will need to get people to download your files because uploaded files by anonymous which are not download by at least one person will be deleted in 30days.


    According to their about us page: WeTransfer is the simplest way to send your files around the world. Every month, users in 195 countries send one billion files through our platform. Founded in 2009, our team is based in the Netherlands and the US.

    With this website you can Host your files of upto 20GB online and share them worldwide even as anonymous. They also have a premium plan for registered members.

Wrapping Up:upload files without registering Online

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NOTE: All of the above listed Websites to upload files without registering do work for all anonymous as at the time of writing this post.

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