Your Age is the Reason for Your Low organic traffic (You’re just a boy and i don’t expect you to get google traffic)

Lol I can’t stop laughing at my headline. Your age is the reason for your low organic traffic: Hmmm

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Your sanction goes like “No wander am not getting google traffic” i was thinking it’s my fault but it seems am not of age. (am just too young) Maybe i should go offline and stop blogging till i finally reach the age required to get organic traffic.

I even imagine you scrolling down this page as fast as possible to get the required age suitable for getting Organic traffic.

But the question still remains: Can your age really affect your website SEO traffic?. “YES” it does, as this was listed among the top google algorithms for ranking every website

Don’t be lost yet pal; When i mean your age in my headline, i was only referring to your website Age not actually you. (it’s fun hmm) but you will learn alot here from this fun. keep on reading…


Have you ever come across some websites online were you only sighted 10-15 or even less relevant and SEO optimized articles worth reading. you keep visiting the website for more updates but it just seem like the owner is dead. He no longer update the website.

You’re just wandering “How can someone setup such a great website with value and instead of building it he just abandoned it on the Internet.

It’s almost one year after you visited the website last but somehow somewhere, you landed on the same website again and yet no update but what gives you the assurance the website owner lives is the fact that he is always renewing the web hosting and Domain name. Hmmm he must be mad ‘you thought’.

No no no He isn’t crazy at all. he only understood google Age algorithm and ranking factors better than you do.

He is just too busy and he couldn’t get on with the newly discovered blogging idea/niche, and since he knows how important a website age can affect it’s ranking, he only needed to setup this website based on his proposed niche and leave it there to grow old while he remain busy fixing other aspects of his life.

By the time this man resume with his blog, he can find it easy to rank because of the age factor.

Did you know why you created the best post with long tail article and yet your competitors with thin articles still rank? Most at times it’s because your website is just too Young to the internet. and a new website can never compete so easy with an old one.

√Take aside the google algorithm

Did you know that a website with 1996-2018 at the footer can get more buyers compared to the one with 2017-2018? .

Here is the reason: There’s a general online believe that old websites are more likely to gain credibility. Your readers imagination goes like “if this website can exist since 1996, there must probably be something unique about them”.

But to the new websites, your readers imaginations are like ” I won’t give a try if Paul and James haven’t tried yet” this people could be scam.

You see one more reason why the age of a website can negatively or positively affect it’s sales proportion?.

Hope am not speaking in parable here friend? Did you know what’s SEO and why you need it as a blogger? i can’t keep on talking about Organic traffic if you don’t have a clear understanding of it.

What is Organic traffic?

Over and over again i have used this words ” Organic traffic ” in this inscription but if you can’t get it see below blockquote.

Simple Definition:

Organic traffic is the type of website traffic gotten from google search engine. E.g Mrs Jane Searched for how to how to Create a blog for free using Google and he sighted my website and clicked on it. Landing on my page means i have gotten an organic visitor

Why Organic traffic?

If i should write the whole importance of organic traffic on this page, am sure this page will be too heavy to load.

Organic traffic (traffic from google) has many importance over other traffic sources.

To list but few:

  • Organic traffic will reduce your workload as a blogger: You keep getting traffic to your website even when you sleep or do other non blogging activities.
  • From my personal experience, i have noticed that traffic from google boost Alexa ranking compared to traffic from other online sources
  • Visitors from search engine converts better than visitors from other sources


Ready to get organic traffic?

Don’t be so much hastened in getting Organic traffic to your new website.

Create your website, Do the necessary SEO works, Create relevant articles to drive organic visitors and Wait for actions.

Time is a great factor when it comes to ranking your website.

Am not expecting you to be complaining of not getting google traffic as desired when your website is just few months old.

To get traffic to your new website while you wait for your SEO to explode, you can explore the SEO tactics mentioned here.

Don’t get me wrong please: I don’t mean your new website Can’t get traffic from google. am only saying “a new website needs some time to go viral on google”. understand this, and stop killing yourself over the fact that your website is not getting traffic from google.

So: How old should a website be to generate good organic traffic?

From my personal experience, i have found out that all the websites i usually create take at least 5-7 months before converting as expected depending on the niche and the targeted keywords.

I will advice you work on your website for one whole year and am sure before this time , your google traffic should be OK.

If after one year you’re not getting traffic from google even when you offer relevant contents, you should consider setting up your SEO properly and as required or consider switching your niche because it’s a signe of unproductive niche work.

To make things Fast:

If you want to account quick success after setting up your Blog, Don’t blog high competitive keywords in your first crew of articles.

Try to figure less competitive keywords and blog them through. This will enhance easy ranking compared to blogging competitive keywords at first.

Wrapping Up:

When a new idea hits your mind as a blogger, don’t hesitate to put your ideas to work no matter how much it will cost you.

Whenever you get a hot niche idea, secure a domain name and secure your space for that niche lest other competitors grab the opportunity.

The internet is a world of competitors , the only way to stand tall is been the smart guy that you are. Exploring and putting ideas to work.[A stitch in time saves nine]

Did you find this article helpful? Did you now understand the fact that you need some more time to get google traffic? Kindly comment below and share your view.

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  1. SirPhren said:

    Hmmmm…nice article. Thanks man. Age do matter when it comes to organic traffic. ???

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