Volvo is the key to safe car sharing

Volvo is the key to safe car sharing

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Caring Key innovation is part of standard equipment Volvo innovation allows drivers to limit maximum driving speed before joining another vehicle. A special key will allow Volvo drivers to limit their maximum speed when dropping your car for use by the nearest or friend.

The Care Key will be part of the standard equipment of all new Volvo Line 2021, the company states. Earlier this month, Volvo Cars announced that the maximum speed of all new models will be reduced by 2020 to 180 km / h as a signal to the public about the dangers of speeding.

Now Care Innovation allows drivers to limit the maximum driving speed before they give the car to another family member or younger and inexperienced drivers – for example, teenagers who just took the driver’s license.

Volvo’s President Hakan Samuelsson said the Swedish company wants to start discussing whether car makers are right and perhaps the duty to install technologies that change the driver’s behavior. Now that such technology is available, the subject becomes even more important.

The key to care will be part of the standard equipment of all new Volvo 2021 models. In addition to the potential benefits of increased safety, speed driving technology and the Care Key can bring drivers and financial benefits.

Volvo is currently inviting insurance companies with several markets to discuss options for special, more favorable conditions for Volvo customers who use these security technologies. Specific insurance terms will depend on the circumstances of each market, but Volvo is expected to announce the first of a number of contracts with insurance companies.

“If we can stimulate more rational driving behavior by technologies that help them stay out of potential roadside issues, it will also have a positive impact on the insurance policy,” said Hakan Samuelsson.

Volvo is the key to safe car sharing

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