Vivac opens a laboratory for smart solutions, preparing 5G

Vivac opens a laboratory for smart solutions, preparing 5G

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Telecom will give access to start-up technologies “With the current modification of equipment, mass launching of 5G can take up to 2 years,” said Radoslav Zdravkov. Innovative laboratory for presentation and testing of intelligent solutions in Vivac today opened real environment.

It is called Vivac Tech Hall and is located on one of the key infrastructure locations of a company where all networks, equipment and technologies are tested before they can be used in the world.

The site built the coverage of fast mobile and fixed networks such as 4.5G, Fiber Net, LoRa, NB Iot. The new high-tech center will also be the first place in Sofia, where the 5G telecommunications network will be launched. Vivac will enable access to these start-up technologies, entrepreneurs, partners and research teams who develop smart solutions to test them in the real environment.

“We believe we will strive for a faster development of the internet concept of things in Bulgaria,” said Radoslav Zlatkov, Chief Technical Officer of Telekom. The space is open to the general public for holding events, conferences, seminars and lectures with an emphasis on new technologies.

Vivac Tech Hall is also the next step in the Education Digitization Initiative – “Education 4.0”, as it will host various trainings. Vivacom’s experts have today demonstrated smart telecommunication services such as video surveillance, smart parking, air quality measurement, remote power and water consumption, intelligent waste collection, and smart intelligence (Vivac) agriculture.

The solutions are based on the LoRa network to connect many of the devices that Vivac builds and provides customers. It is one of the possible technologies for developing the Internet of things. “The next step that will radically change our lifestyle is 5G.

We are ready for it – technology is available. It is now in the state to allocate the required spectrum spectrum among the willing operators and to cooperate fully in the infrastructure construction phase, Zdravkov said. According to him, with the current gear change regime, the mass launching 5G can take up to 2 years.

Vivac opens a laboratory for smart solutions, preparing 5G

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