Vivac also started the optical network in Razgrad

Vivac also started the optical network in Razgrad

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Provides High-Speed ​​Internet and Interactive TV More than 1.200.000 households in the country can benefit from Vivac optic services. Razgrad is another city in the country covered by Vivacom’s optical network. People can now enjoy fast internet and interactive television, the telecom reported.

Optical technology enables access to two fixed Vivac services – up to 900 Mbps internet and an interactive TV with over 230 channels, of which more than 60 broadcast in HD quality. Since this month more than 1,200,000 households in the country will be able to benefit from the Vivac optic service.

In addition to higher speeds, the optical network provides a more stable Internet connection and does not depend on weather conditions. Households with access to Vivacom’s optical network will continue to grow with planned network expansion, the telecom said.

Vivac also started the optical network in Razgrad

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