View As Public is again available for Facebook users

View As Public is again available for Facebook users

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Facebook officially confirmed that it will restore a useful feature that has created big problems for the company. This happened in the autumn of last year when more than 50 million user accounts were sacrificed to hackers.

However, Facebook has not abandoned the “See as Public” tool, which we will be able to reuse in our profiles. Enabling this feature allows you to see what your account looks like for people who are not your friends on the social network.

Each of us will also be able to easily make changes to the information that is publicly visible to other people on Facebook. Simply click the “Edit Profile” button to do this, inform Mashable.

Surely the return of “Show as public” will appeal to many people, because this feature is a quick and easy way to see what your public profile looks like on the social network. You can easily change the information at any time.

The other feature of the feature is that it allows you to understand how each user views your profile, and not just individual categories like “Public”. Problems with hackers will cause many people to be careful when using “Show as Public“.

Facebook specialists were probably worried about eliminating all the inaccuracies that are available to ensure that they will save future problems. The feature is already distributed and will be available to users in the next few days.

View As Public is again available for Facebook users

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