4 Untold Fake blogging Believes you must avoid if you must Make money Online

Let’s discuss some fake blogging believes you must avoid as a blogger if you must make substantial income from your newly created or existing blog.

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This is just another month again and taking glance on your affiliate dashboards you can’t even find one prospect talk more of getting sales.

Sometimes it’s like “Why not quite blogging” sometimes it’s like blogging isn’t for you. In all time you’re highly disappointed at yourself as things seem not to be working as expected.

The only thing that keep you going in most occasions is that fact that many bloggers are making money online. You’re somehow encouraged that one day you will earn money online from your blog, but your Courage is only sitting on a sinking sand as it gradually wears away like the morning dew.

I’ve come to notice that there are some fake blogging believes that usually creep around the mind of newbie bloggers and these fake blogging believes has made some not been able to make money with their blogs.

In this article, i shall be listing some fake blogging believes that can deprive you from earning online. If you can eschew and avoid them am sure you will see a new turn around in your blogging life.

4 Fake Blogging Believes you must not Adhere if you must make money online

Did you wish to earn substantial income from your newly created or existing blog? then avoid these lists of Fake blogging believes.

  • Your E-mail List Is your Money

    I met a girl some months ago who told me of her newly setup blog, and i gave her some tips to become successful. But her reply was that she has already paid some huge amount of money to gather subscribers and she will be getting traffic and making money from her list soon. hmmm i couldn’t convince her anyway but i left her for time to tell on her having done my best.I also subscribed to her list to get a close eye on her victory or downfall.

    On a faithful day, i just received an email newsletter from her blog that because of finance she won’t be able to continue with the email services prompting her subscribers to remember checking out her blog for more updates.

    even before arriving on my Facebook ,she was already there believing my earlier say that it’s not all about spending huge to build email lists but creating values while the subscribers comes voluntarily.

    This is an adage by some Internet marketers that the money is in the list.

    Because of this same fake blogging believe, many new bloggers are too curious about building E-mail Lists than creating values to their readers.

    They’ve almost turned their entire blog to landing page for collecting subscribers all because they want to make the money inside the list.

    see them waiting for their E-mail Lists to reach 1k Subscribers and above before making money online.. hmmm that’s not it dude you are actually getting things wrongly.

    Your subscribers are real human not bots, and there is no way you can turn them to potential buyers without creating value in their lives.It’s not all about building E-mail list.

    As a matter of fact, my email newsletter keep growing everyday. it’s like capturing every member to that comes around even without begging for it. My list grows because i do focus in creating value.

    Until you learn to create value in the lives of your blog readers, they will never subscribe to your newsletter, and even if they do, they will never buy through your recommendation links

    Come to think of it. How many blogs have you subscribed to since the day you came online? check out, and you will notice that 98.7% of these blogs are blogs that render value

    Your money is in the value you create as a blogger not in your list. your subscribers will only buy from you if you cannot add value to their lives. Please take note of this. The internet is a place of exchange. You add value while they buy in turn

  • You Need Huge Readers Base to Earn Online

    Among the fake blogging believes, this particular one has made many bloggers to quite blogging.

    They’re like when will i start getting 20k daily pageviews before making money online.Making money online isn’t about the how many readers you get daily.

    I’ve seen many bloggers get good amount of daily visitors yet they aren’t making money of their blog.

    Yaro Starak once pointed out that it will be much easier to make money online when you understand your ideal readers than chasing ordinary numbers.

    Practical break down:

    • write for one ideal reader
    • solve this reader’s problems through every blog post
    • Never stray from your niche
    • Align your blog top down to appeal to this one ideal reader

    With the above tips, i find it very easy to build converting and loyal customers without much stress.

    Numbers cannot buy with your affiliate links neither can numbers click on your AdSense Ads but humans does.

    Take care of your readers, Provide value to them, help your readers and you will notice that your little traffic will convert even more than others with large traffic and readers base.

  • It’s not Easy to make money from Blogging

    As soon as you begin to get this belief that it’s hard to make money from your blog, am very sure you will hardly earn from Blogging.

    It’s not difficult to earn from Blogging as you may be thinking. there’s one fact about making money online which is:

    To make money online from Blogging, you must create your product or sell other peoples products wither directly or indirectly

    One reason why you cannot make money online is because you can’t create your own product and you can’t sell other peoples products.

    Making money is very easy if you can learn and master the above.

    Take at look at the top earning bloggers in your niche and you will notice they’re also practicing the same. They are selling their own products which can be physical , digital or services and they are also promoting other peoples products (Affiliate Marketing)

  • You cannot Make money without Displaying Ads on your Blog

    This is also among the fake blogging believes that has been depriving many bloggers of earning online from Blogging.

    Whenever Ads are not displayed on my blog, i always get many queries like what happen to your Ads, How are you making money from your blog? and other related questions.

    Even with Ads displayed, my greatest income source has been from freelancing and affiliate marketing not even on displaying any native ads on my blog.

    Until you learn to make money without Ads, you won’t earn much with your blog especially when you have low traffic flow.

    There are many ways to make money blogging and until you learn to monetize your blog in more than placing and displaying Ads, you won’t stop experiencing low monthly income.

    Because of the fact that many new bloggers haven’t learnt to make money apart from placing Ads. they immediately quite blogging when AdSense which is the most popular and well known Ads network bann or suspend their websites.

    Here are some common ways you can make money from Blogging aside placing Ads:

    • Rendering services Online (Freelancing)
    • Creating and selling your own products (information Marketing)
    • Selling other companies products (Affiliate Marketing)
    • Selling Advertising space on your Blog (Sponsored or direct Adverts)

    Depending only on Ads displayed on your site to earn money might be so frustrating, so i don’t usually advice you depend on it till you get good amount of daily traffic to your website.

Wrapping Up: 4 Fake blogging believes you must avoid

In one way or the other, if you’re still clothed in any of the above fake blogging believes am pleading you should try to end it today and put on a new mindset. Trust me you will see changes.

Making money online from Blogging is as easy as making money from your offline business if you can understand blogging and how it works.

With the above inscriptions i have listed some procedures to successful blogging. Adhere to the ones that must be adhered to and eschew the ones that are needed to be eschewed and i guarantee you successful blogging that makes money.

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