Ubuntu unexpectedly moved to developing AI

Ubuntu unexpectedly moved to developing AI

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Mark Shwattworth Mark Cartwright is pleasantly surprised by the growing interest of AI developers in Ubuntu. More and more companies buy subscriptions to support Linux desktop computers because they want to have a park.

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From Ubuntu workstations and using this platform for artificial intelligence development, Canonicala founder Mark Chatwright found the Open Infrastructure Summit forum, ZDNet reported. This situation surprised Hatworth and Canonical, a company that has developed an open Ubuntu platform.


In fact, Canonical has begun to support the commercial desktop platform in the area that has not yet been implemented, says Hattleworth. Of course, developers have been using Ubuntu for a long time, but the AI ​​development team is now unexpectedly created and needs full technical support.

While some users still complain about the Unity interface, which Canonical gave up two years ago, desktop GNOME 3 has already won the promise. According to Chattlewort, GNOME has partially rescued Canonical’s business, since Unity has caused many disputes.

The GNOME community and GNOME developers work closely together. “We have strong collaboration and good working relationships with the GNOME community,” says Mark Schattleworth. The Ubuntu desktop version does not bring any serious incomes to Canonical. The real profit the company receives from Cloud and Internet stuff (IoT).

Mark Hattleworth plans upcoming Canonical stock market, but fixed deadlines for IPO have not yet been set, as the company must first achieve the goals set. This includes $ 200 million revenue, an appropriate growth strategy, and specific indicators in the IoT and cloud technology. In the cloud, stuff for Ubuntu is well developed.

Nearly two-thirds of public cloud services are based on Ubuntu. “Budgeting can be done on Azure, Google or Amazon platforms, but wherever you look, there’s Ubuntu,” says Chattleworth.

Ubuntu unexpectedly moved to developing AI

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