UBB automates processes using software robots

UBB automates processes using software robots

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The UBB introduces robotized automation of part of its processes to facilitate the work of employees, announced UBB’s financial institution, part of the Belgian KBC Group. Robotic Automation Process (RPA) is a software robot that uses already-introduced processes and applications like people.

Using such a robot can greatly facilitate the performance of repeatable, unambiguous tasks – such as large document flow processing. Technology can be designed to perform complex activities in a variety of high-speed systems with exceptional precision.

Intelligent automation is not intended to replace people in their professional activities, but makes them easier to perform the same processes. “We are currently developing robots at UBB, which takes reports and processes them into Excel’s office application, which saves one hour of everyday work and enables them to focus on other specific activities that require their expertise,” said Christoff de Mill, an innovative leader of UBB.

According to him, the application of such automation is an easing for experts who will be able to focus their time and effort on other priority tasks, the robot being initially under the supervision of a bank’s expert to control his activity and after the end of the test the first is to confirm the process performed by UBB employees in the branch network, ensuring the accuracy of the data that they have entered.

The company plans to develop and implement at least one of the one automation of automated processes in every quarter.

UBB automates processes using software robots

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