Two thirds of hotels allow data leaks

Two thirds of hotels allow data leaks

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Web sites in two of the three hotels convey unintentional information about reservations and personal information of guests to external sites, incl. advertisers and analysts, revealed Symantec’s security research.

The research, published by Reuters, covers more than 1500 hotels (from 2 to 5 stars) in 54 countries and was conducted several months after Marriott International recognized one of the biggest leaked data in history. Marriott hotels are not included in the Symantec survey.

Compromised personal information includes full names, email addresses, credit card information, and guest passport numbers. This information can be used by cyber-criminals who are interested in moving influential business professionals and government officials. Information provided by the hotel enables interested persons to access reservations, view personal information, and even cancel reservations.

Vulnerable units in the system are, as a rule, email confirmation sent from the hotel page. These letters contain a link to reservation information that can be accessed by more than 30 different providers, social networks, and search engines.

Significantly, in 25% of cases, employees responsible for the confidentiality of the information on hotel pages did not respond to Symantec six weeks after receiving a notification of the problem. Even the respondents did it for 10 days.

Two thirds of hotels allow data leaks

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