TUES Fest will reveal the talents of students

TUES Fest will reveal the talents of students

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The first edition of the TUES Festival dedicated to the topic “Technology for All”. The Technological School “Electronic Systems” (TUES) at the Technical University in Sofia opens its doors to students, students, parents, IT specialists and representatives of companies, public organizations and an institution with an exhibition of the most interesting projects of its students.

Over 150 students from the 8th to 12th grade of TUES will present their best technological achievements in the field of computer networks, software, embedded microcomputers and robots. This is the second edition of TUES Festa.

The theme of “Technology for All” was devoted to the participants of the last HackTUES school hacker. More than 60 innovative technical projects are expected at THESS Fest, including spectacular and entertaining machines and robots, as well as highly specialized network and software development.

No doubt, the most interesting of the young visitors of TUES Festival will be the so-called “Battle of Robots”, robots and video games. You can also have fun with some fancy machines such as a fan clock, a toaster, a junk bin, a mouse with a handheld cooling system, a power board, and more.

Students will be useful applications such as a platform for resolving stereometric tasks in virtual environments or a prototype of an 8-bit computer designed for learning purposes. Lovers and video games will be most interesting from the young visitors of the festival FESTIVAL will be robots and video games.

According to the organizer of the exhibition, parents are also very entertained as they will find many events that will make it easier for them to make everyday routines like coffee commands, automated aquarium and automated greenhouse, light control system, heated glass, remote function activation system such as heating , lights and even engine ignition, Representatives of institutions and public organizations can find potential partners among potential learners for future projects of public interest.

They will be able to get acquainted with the students who have created a sublem device for the blind, who received the first HackTUES hacker prize, and the Mountain Achievement System, which was awarded the BAIT Youth Award. Students will also be able to demonstrate a cross-device, an automatic distribution system for adult patients in social homes, a monitor for the physical and mental state of the person, a system for monitoring the merchandise’s authenticity in the network, an egg incubator. and others.

More than 60 innovative technical projects are expected at TUES FEST. IT professionals will be interested in network architecture projects that use different routing protocols, malware and attack systems, a software-defined radio system, touch screens, and even a gesture management system on a computer.

Students will demonstrate their advanced and WI-FI security skills through a project that finds passwords for nearby wireless systems. Presented projects were developed by students as courses, graduate projects, competitive projects at HackTuES 365, as well as extracurricular activities.

All visitors will be able to vote on the spot for the best projects in three categories – Computer Networking, Software and Embedded Systems and Robotics, to be rewarded at the end of the day.

TUES Fest will reveal the talents of students

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