TU-Sofia gathers technology enthusiasts in "Days of Robotics"

TU-Sofia gathers technology enthusiasts in “Days of Robotics”

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The two-day event will include lectures, demonstrations and competitions Technological enthusiasts will showcase their projects in the field of robotics and new technologies.

The Robotics Students’ Club at the Technical University in Sofia organizes the 10th and 11th of May, ‘Dane Robotics’. The goal of the event is to gather technology enthusiasts to show what they are doing, to present the opportunities for developing their projects and to share their experiences.

On the first day – presentations – engineers from companies and universities will talk about topics related to robotics and new technologies such as artificial intelligence and quantum computers. Lectures begin at 10:00 in the second block, hall 2140.

The second day at the 12th University Block will host competitions and demonstration of technology as well as various workshops. The competitions include several disciplines, such as “Watch the Line”, “Maze Guide”, “Sumo” and “Robo Football”.

Several training sessions are also planned under the Robot Days – Workshop for 3D printing, soldering, handling of unmanned aerial vehicles and robotics manuscripts, say at the University.

TU-Sofia gathers technology enthusiasts in “Days of Robotics”

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