Trump takes over an auction in the Pentagon cloud

Trump takes over an auction in the Pentagon cloud

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Amazon’s popularization suffers sharp criticism from the competition The Pentagon project worth $ 10 billion has caused failure in the IT industry, and Donald Trump calls him closer to the eyes.

US President Donald Trump targets the $ 10 Billion Pentagonal Auction Cloud because of the complaints of many companies. The final rights were Amazon and Microsoft, and IBM and Oracle were removed from the process. At a White House press conference during a meeting with Dutch Prime Minister Donald Trump, he said he had never received so many complaints from a large number of companies and would carefully consider the auction, CNBC reported.

“Some of the world’s biggest companies complain about it,” Trump said, calling Microsoft, Oracle, and IBM. Since April this year. Microsoft and Amazon are the only remaining competitors who have contracted with the Pentagon after IBM and Oracle were excluded from the Ministry of Defense.

Although Trump is not quoted as executive director of Jeffrey Bezos’s Amazons, this second is not the president’s favorite. Bezos is the owner of Washington Post, which Trump regularly criticizes for reflecting on the work of his administration. The president also believes that the Amazon online gigant does not pay a fair share of taxes and damage to the US mail.

The Joint Defense Infrastructure Agreement (EIDC) should have been initially scheduled for September 2018. According to Pentagon’s latest news, the cloud contract could be released next month. For a long time, IBM has been seriously concerned about the structure of the YEDI mandate, CNBC recalls. “We continue to believe that the Defense Ministry and our men and women in uniforms will be best served with a multi-cloud strategy,” the statement said.

AWS and Microsoft are the only candidates who meet the minimum contract terms, Defense Ministry spokeswoman Elisabeth Smith said in April. CIA business is a big advantage for AWS. Last week, Oracle suffered a defeat in an attempt to appeal to the contest, claiming it was infected with a conflict of interest.

Trump takes over an auction in the Pentagon cloud

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