Toshiba Memory will be called KIaoxia in October 2019

Toshiba Memory will be called KIaoxia in October 2019

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Toshiba is one of the most renowned manufacturers in Japan, but has been experiencing many problems in recent years. For example, the company is forced to sell its memory business to avoid insolvency.

However, avoiding bankruptcy led to the sale of this division to a consortium led by Bain Capital for $ 18 billion. The deal was made two years ago.

After the acquisition, Toshiba Memory continued to work as the second largest NAND memory maker in the world. An important factor in positioning them as an influential name in the SSD segment, AnandTech reported.

Ultimately, the deal led to the stabilization of Toshiba Memory, which is already working on a plan to become a publicly traded company and start trading on the stock market.

If everything goes as planned, it can happen in November, and a few weeks before Toshiba Memory officially changed its name to Kioxia. The name is a combination of the Japanese word for kiok and axia, which in Greek has the meaning of “value” and “meaning”.

The information was officially confirmed by Toshiba. The introduction of the new brand is expected to lay the foundations for the next big era for the company in the industry.

Toshiba Memory will be called KIaoxia in October 2019

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