Toshiba Europe will now be called Dynabook

Toshiba Europe will now be called Dynabook

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Toshiba officially confirmed its plans to rebrand their mobile and gadget business with the Internet in the United States and Europe. For the future, these divisions will be called Dynabook Americas and Dynabook Europe.

The choice is not accidental because the Dynabook brand is a brand with more than 30 years of history and many products that have won important technological awards around the world. Toshiba’s business operations in Europe and the United States will be conducted under the hood of the parent company Dynabook Inc., TechRadar said.

The Dynabook brand is very popular in Japan and the company hopes to repeat the same success among other Western countries. The change of name will provide the necessary synergy between all Toshiba’s departments in the world.

The company paid special attention to innovations that transformed the world of technology, such as the first laptop. Over the last 30 years, Toshiba boasts many discoveries in the field of displays, batteries, TVs, computers and more.

Among the most impressive achievements of the company in this sphere are the first color TFT color display, integrated optical device, wireless docking station, quad-core HD processor and 4K notebook display.

Toshiba will expand its portfolio of products in the series Portégé, Tecra and DynaEdge by the end of the second quarter of the year. The Japanese manufacturer also intends to expand its presence in new niche markets, including spectacles with added realities.

Toshiba Europe will now be called Dynabook

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