288 High Ranking Technology Blogs with write for us page to submit guest posts

landing on this page, it’s obvious you are looking for technology blogs with write for us page where you can submit your Guest posts:::

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Each time you begin to search keywords like technology blog write for us, its certain you are looking for Technology Blogs to guest posts and build quality backlinks, Promote your business strategically or create awareness about your brand.

As a guest Blogger, When you write on other peoples blog, you will gain more credibility , Authority not only from your converted readers but from Google as well.

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We have learnt that the more your blogs links keep appearing on other authoritative blogs the more you increase your google search ranking and Domain authority (DA).


There have been so many proven ways to build backlinks and gain authority, but among all, writing and publishing guest post on other blogs remains the best option.

Having understood this fact, we wrote about some Top Business Blogs that accept Guest posts to help readers who want to submit Guest articles on other business blogs.

Similarly, In this article , you will learn about some top technology Blogs with write for Us page were you can easily submit your Technology related guest posts and get featured for free.


Most of this blogs don’t only accept Guest posts, but they do accept Sponsord articles, Reviews and even Any form of Tech. Adverts.

Top Authoritative Technology Blogs with write for us page

Hope you are not expecting a huge list of 288 Technology Blogs with write for us page to submit guest post, just like you have seen in the headline.

I only mean 28 while additional 8 was meant to draw your Attention (It’s fun). so keep reading. As i strongly believe i have the answer to your query here.

  • 3Ptechies.Com: They accept guest posts, adverts and reviews. Their Domain authority: (DA=27) with over 5k Facebook Fans.
  • CallingAllGeeks.Org Not only do you submit your Technology Guest Post here. You also get paid from AdSense revenue share. They possess the Domain Authority (DA=31).

  • WonderOftech.Com Here you need to write any Tech related article people do need on everyday life. You will need to Request your Article here to make sure you are not off Niche, and they will get back with the offer to accept your proposed write up. Their Domain authority DA=39.

  • TechFor.Us After reading their Article submission guide, You can submit your technology related guest posts via email or directly from their Guest post submission page. Domain authority DA=41

  • Technicallyeasy.Net After Reading their post submission guidelines, you can submit your post through the Techmaga.Com Due to the change of URL, their DA is Nill. You can submit your Guest post, sponsored articles or product reviews here.

  • Geek.Ng Over 15k social Fans. They accept guest posts, sponsored posts and reviews of all Tech kind, and DA=43.

  • Techlila.Com With Domain authority (43 ) and over 11k social Fans. They accept Guest posts, sponsored posts and Adverts.

  • BloggingCage.Com more than 8k Social media followers and Domain authority (38) They accept guest Posts, sponsored and reviews

  • TechPatio.Com Looking for technology blogs with Write for us page where you can get your do-follow links futured? TechPatio with the Domain authority (30), allows two Do-follow links in your article. You can get in touch via their Article submission page

  • DomsTechBlog.Com With the Domain authority (35) allows you to submit any Tech related niche article which must not be less than 450words via their Guest articles submission page

  • TechBii.Com Among the best technology Blogs with write for us page where you can submit your Guest posts and get them crawled by Google. They have the Domain Authority (26).

  • TechAlacarte.Com Here your articles are properly checked with Copyscape to avoid any form of copy and paste contents. You can submit your Guest posts here. √ DA =15 make sure your articles are not less than 600 words.

  • Xtendedview.Com You can submit your articles with Clear illustrating images if you have any related to your posts.Their Domain authority is 29 and you can check out their submit Guest posts page

  • Creately.Com D.A = 55 With huge readers base and social fans. You can Submit only quality Tech kind Guest posts here

  • TechArrival.Com They goes with 23 Domain authority(DA). They accept only quality and informative tech Related guest posts. Check out the Guest submission page.

  • Technologyend.Com Still looking for more popular technology Blogs with write for us page? here is on with Domain authority (18). YOu will need to register as a contributor after which you can start publishing as many Guest posts as you want provided your Articles meets their guidelines.

  • True-Tech.Net another technology Blogs with write for us page which have domain Authority scores(20). Where you can submit Tech and Gadgets articles.

  • TechBlazes.Com They Accept articles of all Tech kind. It must be original, it must be Ads free with no referral links and it should contain images. You can find out here. Domain authority (32).

  • Boomertechtalk.Com Duplicate contents are highly prohibited. they goes with Domain authority (30) you can find out here to learn what it takes to publish your Guest posts.

  • Itechcode.com Write and submit your Guest posts with no single outbound links. 33 Domain authority scores. Only original articles needed. Find out here

  • inspirationfeed.com With at least 1000 words/article you can get your Guest articles published on This Tech blog with Domain authority score-55.

  • techie-buzz.com If you have original Tech article , you can submit here with one backlink to your blog or desirable destination. Domain authority score(59). You can request Guest posts via email or through the write for us page.

  • Labnol.Org They have the Domain Authority ( 79) and they accept all Tech related article. You can view Labnol Achieve to see the kind of Article that has been published already. After which you can submit your post on theri write for us page

  • Iamwire.com After submitting your posts, you get access to modify and edit your articles.They goes with Domain authority (45) And you can check out their write for us page here.

    inspirationfeed.com Your article must be original and updated. to submit your Guest posts on this site with the Domain authority (55). You post must be in dept with not less than 1000 words per article.

  • oscarmini.com They accept Guest posts , sponsored posts and Adverts. You can submit your original Tech related articles and get them published. They have 31 Domain authority With over 60k Social media followers.

  • ebimablog.com They accept sponsored posts, Reviews , Guest posts and Adverts. They possess 29 Domain authority With huge social readers base.

All of the above technology Blogs with write for us page, have their different language tags in which they labeled their page. such as technology + “write for us” + guest post ,mobile technology + “write for us”,technology business “write for us” ,software “write for us” ,business blog write for us ,car tech write for us ,gadgets “write for us”,seo + “write for us” etc…

In which ever language tag they used in creating their write for us page, don’t be confused ,they still mean the same thing and they all need your Guest posts to be published on their blogs.

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