Top earning Blogs-authors practices you must learn

Don’t pretend you aren’t interested in making your blog one of the top earning blogs in your niche because that will only make you a liar.

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Bloggers who say they blog for passion and not for money are likely bloggers who have tried all means to make money online but could not achieve success.

If you say you blog for passion, will your passion pay your web hosting bills and other expenses regarding your blogs management?. What about the time and efforts you spend in creating articles daily want happens to that?.

I was reading through some top bloggers income reports of February 2018 few hrs ago when i was making research for this article and i was really tempted by what i saw. And i also believe that article is an inspiration to every blogger who wants to be among the top earning bloggers.

The most amazing part was that, they spent what i cannot even earn in 4years as their expenses . nevertheless , i was not too marvelled because there’s a saying that he who uses a goat to set trap who knows what it will catch?

Am working everyday to grow my blog among the top earning blogs while i help my readers build successful income earning blogs as well.

I assume you want to make your blog be one of the top earning blogs that’s why you stumbled on this page. But the dilemma here is ” What are the things that successful bloggers does that you are haven’t done? What are the strategies they applied that you haven’t applied?

It’s said that successful people are fund of doing things which the unsuccessful aren’t thinking of. so if you must be a successful blogger to earn decent income from your blog there are certain things that successful bloggers does which must also be applied on your blog and this is the main reason why this article is created.

Every Blogger with differ strategies that makes them successful but the common strategies that must be applied is what we discussed below.

What Successful top Earning blogs Author Do Practice:

  • √They Invest Time:

    i was surprised to see an author that was creating 30-40 articles monthly.

    hmm that’s a bit difficult to achieve even when i tried to practice that model. It almost took me working 24hrs×30days .

    I was sure he was on his blog 24/7 . he is their creating contents to add value to his readers. How many of you can do it? all you want is how to make millions of $ from your blog

    To grow your blog among the top earning blogs, you must learn to invest your time effectively especially in creating revenant articles.

    One thing that makes Your Blog grow faster and more successful is when you are fund of creating articles that adds value to your readers as often as possible.. Another thing about creating articles with values regularly will make you touch more areas of your niche and reach more audience .

    Time is one of the factors to grow a successful and income earning blog.

    Your Blog is your Business: And if you cannot spend time with your blog, you will may earn less than expected.

    Most of the bloggers who managed to grow their blogs among the top earning blogs are bloggers who take blogging as their full time job.

    When they wake up, they’re on their blog, when they sleep, they sleeps on their blog, everything they do depends on their blog.

    They do this to make sure they spend quality time on their blog having understood that fact that time can determine the amount of success achieved when it comes to blogging.

    To grow your blog among the top earning blogs, learn to spend quality time on your blog. This is what other successful bloggers does.

  • √Building relationship:

    How many top earning bloggers do you know in your niche? and Where are they featured? check out, and you will see they also work with other great bloggers.

    If you must grow your blog among the top earning blogs, You can’t possibly do it alone without the help of other top bloggers in your niche.

    United we stand, Divided we fall. Don’t forget that pal. It’s still working even till now and after now.

    Two heads are far better than one.: Learn to utilize the power of other successful bloggers to grow your website traffic and credibility to your blog.

    If you create 10articles monthly, when you have writing partners you will realize more than 20articles monthly.

  • √Focus on Readers Needs:

    If you blog without caring about your readers needs, you may end up as a failure.

    You create valuable article yes we know. But did you provide your audience exactly what they really need?.

    Bloggers who managed to grow their blogs among the top earning blogs are bloggers who understood this fact. They know their readers, They love their readers , they answer them with their needs.

    to grow your blog successful, you must learn to analyse your blog readers to know what they are searching for and what should be your next topic idea.

    Few hours ago i wrote an article that is currently converting {What is social bookmarking: how does it help search ranking?}.

    This article was created based on my readers need. The topic idea was generated from one of my blog reader. the post was only an answer to my readers question and it convert more than expected. this even made me learn more that understanding your blog readers, Knowing what they need and providing what the need at the appointed time is a great point to successful blogging.

  • They Spend Money:

    How much have you spent so far in creating quality articles on your blog?

    How much have you spent so far in promoting your blogs contents?. Blogging is a business and every business requires investment ( i think so.).

    You cannot do business without money. so also you cannot blog without money. The only thing about blogging as a business venture is that you your expenditure can only be limited to your available capital.

    Am not trying to scare you by telling you ” you must spend like some of those pros to earn from blogging

    Those people who spend large is as a result of their large earning, so i never expect you to spend like them now that you earn nothing..

    Successful bloggers do spend “yes” we know but since you don’t have money, you can spend your time effectively and exceptionally in place of your expenditures.

    If they spend 200$ creating 30articles monthly. Since you don’t have that amount to spend, you should be ready to create the 30articles yourself. If you can do this, then your are just as equal as that blogger who has just spent some bucks.

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CONCLUSION: {Top earning bloggers}, when others are sleeping, they are there working, when others are playing, they are promoting , when others are set and ready for work they are ready for earning.

Spend your Tims or money, Analys your blog readers to know what they want, Provide quality rather than quantity..

All of the above are practices of top earning bloggers.

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