Today, the internet is 30 years old

Today, the internet is 30 years old

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Tim Berners Lee The World Has Changed Drudely for Only 30 Years Through The Internet. Just three decades ago, March 12, 1989, British physicist and computer expert Tim Berners Lee started a global internet network that has changed the lives of people.

On this unforgettable date, Tim Berners Lee offered CERN’s leadership a global hypertext project that allows scientists to organize restraint and joint access to information. World Web Global Web Design, or shortened WWW, is approved and implemented.

The key elements developed by Tim Berners Lee and realized together with their team are in the heart of the modern Internet. These are URLs – URI Private URIs, Hypertext HTTP Document Transmission Protocol, and language for tagging such HTML documents.

Within the project, the first specifications that became the standards of the WWW, the world’s first httpd webserver, and the world’s first hypertext browser that serves WYSIWYG (What You See is What You) Take – What You See, Understand).

Innovation and development related to the WWW project have changed people’s understanding of how to use new technologies, communicate and share information. They have fundamentally changed the way of doing business today unthinkable without presence in the network and its resources.

Today, the internet is 30 years old

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