Three conditions make Europe competitive with the United States and China

Three conditions make Europe competitive with the United States and China

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One of the major obstacles to development is regulation, Europe must become more competitive in order to maintain its high standard of living, says Thomas Arnoldner. Europe lags behind in terms of growth and key technologies such as artificial intelligence, for example from the United States. and China.

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A key factor in reducing this backlog is the introduction of a new generation of mobile networks such as 5G, said Thomas Arnoldner, chief executive of A1 group, at Webitu 2019 in Sofia. “The success of our European model is based on economic strength and competitiveness, and it is very important to retain that competitiveness if we want to preserve the standard of living we are accustomed to,” Arnoldner said.


He stressed three conditions for the Old Continent to be Competitively Competitive in Other Markets: Less Regulations Making Decisions to Improve Education One of the major obstacles to developing technology in Europe is regulation.

Arnoldner said there are many successful international companies and talented people in the EU, but heavy regulations make European technology companies uncompetitive with companies in the US and China where it is much easier to develop high-tech business.

Here is the opportunity to introduce new technologies without the need to obtain approvals and permits from competent state bodies, said the chief executive officer of A1 Group.

According to him, education is also needed. This element also involves digitizing the learning process and introducing technology into the student’s educational material. The 5G network will change the way in which content, communication and general business environment are produced and delivered in Europe.

But this can not be done without the help of local regulators for issuing licenses and frequency assignments to companies, said Thomas Arnoldner. Last month, A1 group started to build one of the first 5G mobile networks in Europe.

The company is licensed to use the frequencies needed by the Austrian government, and in partnership with Nokia is already working to launch a new mobile network in the country.

A1 is expected to launch its 5G network in 2020 if the company gets the right to buy frequencies in the country. A1 Bulgaria already has 4.5G network and gradually prepares its infrastructure to quickly build and launch 5G.

Three conditions make Europe competitive with the United States and China

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