This is the way the first heart of the world appears in the world

This is the way the first heart of the world appears in the world

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3D printing technologies are now widely used in various industries, where they facilitate the production of cheap and high-quality items. We are witnesses of many accessories, clothes and items of our everyday life, including the whole houses that were created in this innovative way.

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Scientists from the Tel Aviv University have achieved an impressive achievement by succeeding to print the first artificial heart that uses cells and biological materials for the patient with a 3D printer, LifeScience reported.


We remind you that by now it is possible to create only simple tissue structures from the heart without the blood vessels themselves. The current project of researchers at the Tel Aviv University manages to create this body in such a way that it “fully matches the immune, cell, biochemical and anatomical properties of the patient”.

The use of biological material works as a so-called. “Biolinks” – substances from living cells containing sugars and proteins, helping to build complex tissues.

The development of a 3D-printed model of this organ that preserves the complex structure of the human heart is an extremely difficult and complex task. Experts at the Tel Aviv University seem to have found the right approach to overcome all the overloaded and technical barriers to achieving this ambitious goal.

The dimensions are similar to those of the rabbit’s heart. However, scientists believe that the same technology can be successfully applied to create larger 3D models of the heart.

This is the way the first heart of the world appears in the world

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