They’ve deleted the largest database of famous people

They’ve deleted the largest database of famous people

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Data is used illegally by Chinese software Face detection technology needs to be tightened. Microsoft cleared a large face detection database that contains nearly 10 million images of about 100,000 people, the Financial Times reported.

Microsoft Celeb was created in 2016 with the task of storing photographs of celebrities around the world – journalists, musicians, various activists, politicians, writers and others. The reason for the deletion is the illegal use of this Chinese facial recognition software.

It is alleged that the software was used to spy on the Uyghur Muslim minority in the country. Responsible for the project were the Chinese companies SenseTime and Megvii who had access to the database. Since data is licensed under Creative Commons, each company and programmer may have access to the database.

Specifically, it is used by IBM, Panasonic, Alibaba, Nvidia and Hitachi. Earlier, Microsoft insisted on more stringent face recognition technology. The subject has been set up many times in different countries, but so far there is no universal solution for that purpose.

Microsoft has already announced that the database site is intended for academic purposes and has been deleted after the research has been solved. Similar databases from Stanford University and Duke were also removed from the network.

Fears of companies can also be considered as a reason to erase the foundation, so that facial recognition systems can exacerbate social problems.

They’ve deleted the largest database of famous people

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