They learn artificial intelligence from Facebook messaging

They learn artificial intelligence from Facebook messaging

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External collaborators look at and classify status About 200 teams around the world are working on Facebook’s CCO Public Domain Status and Communication Research Thousands of Facebook affiliates in different countries around the world are reviewing and labeling social network users and Instagram publications.

Their work is used to teach the artificial intelligence system and inform consumers of new products, says Engadget. Employees are not only concerned with public and personal messages, which leads to the suspicion that their activities may violate confidentiality.

According to a report, 260 foreign associates in Hyderabad, India, marked millions of messages starting in 2014. They question the subject, reason for writing the message, and evaluating the author’s intentions. Facebook will probably use this data to develop new features and increase revenue from social network advertising.

Globally, there are up to 200 projects that use labeled consumer communications messages to teach the artificial intelligence system. It has been noted that this approach is not uncommon, and many large companies employ employees from outside companies that deal with “data descriptions”.

Users of popular social networks Facebook and Instagram will probably not feel relaxed after these discoveries. It is well known that Hyderabad employees have access to user messages, status updates, photos, and videos, including those sent in private conversations.

They learn artificial intelligence from Facebook messaging

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