There is a strange substance on the moon, he found a Chinese apparatus

There is a strange substance on the moon, he found a Chinese apparatus

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Yutu-2 finds an unusual substance on the dark side of the moon Yutu-2 lunar rover finds an unusual finding on the moon studies conducted under the Chinese Lunar Research Program (CLEP). Rover has discovered the eighth lunar day since it was on Earth’s natural moon.

The discovery forced mission scientists to delay other research plans with the help of Yutu-2 and instead focus on the possible origin of the strange substance. A lunar day equals about fourteen earth days, as does a lunar night. Before the moonlight begins, the rover shuts off and falls asleep to continue operating on the moon day.

The eighth lunar day began on July 25. On July 28, Chang e-4’s mission team was preparing to shut down Yutu-2 for its usual lunchtime dream to protect the moon’s rover from the heat and radiation coming from the zenithal sun.

But one expert checking the images from the rover’s main camera sees a small crater that contains a substance different in color and texture from the surrounding lunar surface. The lunar rover was ordered to check what the substance was instead of moving west. Traces from Yutu-2 to the Moon Crater Containing Weird Matter.

Using cameras to avoid obstacles, Yutu-2 approaches the crater and inspects unusually colored material and nearby scales using a VNIS infrared spectrometer to collect lunar surface data and analyze its chemical composition. Chinese scientists first released data on the composition of the lunar mantle in May, with similar analyzes of samples from the bottom of the South Pole – Aitken basin.

Now, however, Chinese experts have not revealed what substance the lunar rover has detected and have not shared details about the unusual mineral. They provided one image of a rover heading toward the crater to find out what was inside.

There is a strange substance on the moon, he found a Chinese apparatus

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