The work for the Nginx web server is over

The work for the Nginx web server is over

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F5 Networks puts it into independent ownership According to Netcraft, as of March 2019, under Nginx management, it operates 25.68% (375.4 million) websites worldwide. F5 Networks, an American corporate system developer IT infrastructure, completed the acquisition of Nginx – a developer of the same name created by the Russians.

The contract value, released in March this year, is $ 670 million. Nginx is now part of the F5 Network and will be transformed into an independent business unit led by Gus Robertson, President of the Management Board.

The founders of Nginx – Igor Sossaev and Maxim Konovalov – will continue to work on the F5 project and the products of the new division will be distributed under existing brands. According to Netcraft, since March 2019, under Nginx management, there are 25.68% (375.4 million) websites around the world.

Apache is more popular with 27.61% and Microsoft, which controls 26.06%. Nginx was set up in 2011 by a former Rambler employee who has developed a site for large sites of the same name. In 2004, the first publicly available version of open-source products was released under a free BSD license.

In April 2013, Nginx was hired by Chief Executive Officer Gus Robertson, former vice-president of Red Hat. In August of the same year, the company issued its first commercial product Nginx Plus. So far, Nginx has invested $ 104 million in investments.

The work for the Nginx web server is over

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